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How to keep our brain healthy?

Among the risks of leading a sedentary life is the appearance of , which markedly reduces memory, attention, perception, sensation, comprehensive and rational capacity, as well as phonological and semantic fluency . And on the contrary if we do physical activity regularly we will enjoy a healthy mind.

The deterioration of cognitive functions is a natural process, but we can delay this condition and improve it by leading an active life, consuming some foods and doing some special exercises.

There are some rules that will help us maintain the health of our brain for many years and in this way cognitive decline will be delayed.

Remember to exercise

, both for the health of our body and our mind, physical activity causes an increase in the level of We must learn to relax, stress and anxiety cause memory problems, and hinder concentration, affecting the mood, to overcome these problems it will be convenient to practice some yoga exercises, this can help quite like some breathing techniques.

Having a good rest is another important factor, sleeping seven or eight hours will be of great help to avoid memory problems.
Drinking coffee and tea will also help us take care of our brain, studies in this aspect have shown that taking a daily cup of one of these drinks improves cognitive ability and significantly reduces the risk of up to sixty percent. hundred.

Being doing activities that require concentration and keeping the brain active, practicing mental exercises, will help to avoid cognitive deterioration in a very significant way.

Eating foods rich in fiber and low in fat, and following a diet controlling the intake of sugars we will notice a better performance and cognitive performance. Eating blue fish gives us omega-3 that contains essential fatty acids, which are very important to combat depression and improve memory.

Another food that gives us great benefits, is dark chocolate, has at least thirty antioxidant substances that protect the action of free radicals that are the cause of multiple diseases of the age. Chocolate also contains

It is necessary to have a healthy diet, provide us with the nutrients we need to have good mental health, avoid problems of overweight, have a good cognitive function, good memory and concentration.

What diseases can enhance it?

Diseases such as , hypertension or obesity can increase the risk of suffering cognitive deterioration and major memory disorders.

From the above we can conclude that in all aspects of our life it is necessary to be careful with our diet, and try . In this way we will have good physical and mental health.

How to keep our brain healthy?