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How to know if our liver is inflamed?

We often hear about the liver, an organ that suffers a lot from poor diet, bad habits, stress, repressed emotions, pollution, etc. And all this is manifested in many ways in our body: with eyesight problems, crow’s feet, poor circulation, digestive problems, spring asthenia, among many others.

In this article we explain what are the most common signs that our liver is inflamed, so you can treat it naturally, prevent diseases and improve your quality of life.

Vision problems

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains that the organ is directly related to vision problems, since they would be located in the same meridian. Obviously there are also genetic factors and many other issues that influence the health of our eyes, but if we suffer from an eye problem (such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia , etc.) we should also review the signals that we comment below.

How to know if our liver is inflamed?

Insomnia 1 to 3

Each organ has a schedule of maximum activity, in which it is regenerated as a way that our body has to naturally fight diseases . In the case of the liver, his schedule is from 1 to 3 in the morning and therefore if we usually wake up at night at this time, for no apparent reason, it is possible that our liver is not functioning properly.

We should keep in mind, however, that this also influences our night rest.

Crow’s feet

The wrinkles that appear on the sides and under our eyes, would also be related to the weakness of our liver, in addition to being able to coincide with visual problems. Therefore , especially if they are premature, will help us pay more attention to our liver . In the same way, if we want to combat these facial lines we must also take care of ourselves internally.

Circulation problems

Are you surprised to know that the varicose veins or hemorrhoids , not only should we treat them locally, but we will also have to regulate the function of the liver.

Bad digestions

The liver is part of the digestive system and is especially important in , thanks to the bile that is manufactured and stored in the gallbladder. Therefore, if it is difficult for us to digest fatty foods, we should help our liver to avoid overloading. It will be healthier for us to eat less and more often, so that the liver can work better. And, for example, add a little lemon juice to the meals, which will also help us digest fatty foods better.

In addition, constipation can also be related to the liver , among other reasons.

How to know if our liver is inflamed?

Menstrual disorders

As we have said, the liver is linked to blood and therefore it is not surprising that it also has to do with all kinds of menstrual disorders, such as pain, premenstrual symptoms, irregularities, etc.

Abdominal pain

As a result of bad digestion we can suffer from abdominal swelling and pressure , but it will be especially definite to suffer an oppressive pain on the ribs on the right side, just above where our liver is. Being inflamed, this organ would press outward, causing that discomfort.


digestive problems and liver overload . In this case, migraines usually occur coinciding with menstruation, with excesses of food or drink or by contact with a toxic substance (tobacco smoke, pollution, etc.). The migraine would be the result of the overexertion that the liver has to do to detoxify our organism.

Spring asthenia

It is very common that, when spring arrives, we feel more tired than usual, it is more difficult for us to make the daily efforts. If it happens especially in this change of season we may need to strengthen the function of our liver with some natural remedies or green juices.

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How to know if our liver is inflamed?