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How to make a peel naturally

The skin is renewed every 28 days, more or less, naturally, eliminating dead skin cells. By doing a Peeling , which is the English translation of the word exfoliation , what we achieve is to accelerate this process so that our skin has a better appearance.

The peel is used to remove or alleviate spots, scars, acne, wrinkles and stretch marks. Natural peels can be applied anywhere on the body.

The peeling regenerates a thin layer of skin renewing our skin with acids.

Today I am going to leave you like making a natural and easy peeling with things that we can have at home, like fruit and oil.


– Olive oil

– Pineapple

– Mature papaya

How to use:

It is convenient that you do it at night once or twice a week. When your skin improves it is convenient to do it only once a month.

Clean the area that you are going to treat with abundant warm water, once it is totally clean, you must first exfoliate the area, in this case we will use the seeds of the Papaya.

Empty the papaya with a spoon, and as it comes out, critura. Then you should rub several minutes in the form of circles gently on the area that we are going to treat.

Next we will make a mask: crush the pineapple, discarding the central part, and the papaya, and then apply a thin layer in the area that you are going to treat. Let it rest for five minutes and finally remove it with water. Apply the olive oil in the area to moisturize.

After doing the peeling, use the olive oil and let it act, whatever your skin type, this is important since you need hydration.

Important tips:

If your skin is damaged, burned or you are pregnant, it is advisable that you wait a month or even three to get a peel.

At first, the skin may become red, itchy, or dry, if it is very annoying, remove it as soon as possible, little by little your skin will become tolerant to the peeling acids.

If you have too many papaya seeds, you can freeze them for later use. The crushed pineapple and papaya should not be stored.

After making a peel it is convenient that you use makeup or cream with sunscreen.

How to make a peel naturally