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How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer

The fridge is a very important space in our kitchen because it allows food to stay fresh and last longer in good conditions. It is essential then to leave it well ordered and take care to place the containers and containers accordingly. In this article we invite you to know how to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer.

It is essential not to fill it with very nutritious food, but it is also necessary to take care of its hygiene and order. Not only to make it look “beautiful” but to make it easier to find a food or know what needs to be purchased.

Good organization in your fridge is vital so that the temperature is evenly distributed and there are no areas where it is colder than others. The correct storage of each product can also affect. Ordering the interior then is the first step.
To do this, keep in mind that in the upper part should be placed the freshest foods, such as dairy (milk, yogurt , cheese, butter, etc). At the door, it is advisable to place the dressings, preserves, jams and jellies and drinks that are open, so they will be kept longer and there will be no problem with the temperature changes that occur each time the fridge is opened.

How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer
In the lower part of the refrigerator, meat, fish, cold meat and sausages should be placed. It is always better that they are in a container with a lid, to prevent liquids from spilling. In the drawers should have fruits and vegetables, in the event that the freezer is on top of the refrigerator, because otherwise, the vegetables of green leaf can be easily burned by the cold.

The foods have to be placed according to their expiration date, if you have several of the same type, always those who are more ready to beat are placed in front of those who have more useful time.

Do not overload the shelves of the refrigerator in an unbalanced way. This means, much up and down or vice versa, because this will limit the circulation of cold air, which will be distributed unevenly, which may affect the conservation of food.

How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer
It is a good idea to also place a label to know what was the date on which the package or bottle was opened, so as not to ingest those that have already been stored for several time (in the case of not having an expiration date).

Steps to organize the fridge

Properly storing the food will serve to lengthen its shelf life and also to maintain cleanliness and order for longer.

The first step is to clean the refrigerator well, for food safety and energy efficiency issues. You must repeat this at least once a month. To do this, remove everything inside, including the drawers and shelves, then unplug the power or turn off and wash well. A good mixture is made with warm water and baking soda. Wipe with a cloth or sponge and dry well. You can leave the doors open for a few minutes to dry naturally. Remember that if it gets wet it can cause fungus and bad odors.

How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer
Replace the shelves and drawers and proceed to introduce the food, always taking into account the different temperatures of the refrigerator in each area. The coldest is the one closest to the freezer. The ideal temperature is between 3 and 5 ° C. Try to keep the containers or food from touching each other and not “hitting” the walls of the refrigerator. This way the air circulates better and each thing will receive the cold that it needs.

Do not place food when it is hot, for example, if you took it out of the oven or fire. Wait for them to take room temperature to avoid that the refrigerator has to do more work to cool the new member. In addition, the sudden change in temperature can be bad for the same food.

How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer
Wraps food that does not have its own packaging, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and odors. For example, cold cuts, cheese and prepared foods should be well covered. A good way to maintain order in the fridge is to use plastic containers with a lid and label to know what they contain inside and the date of manufacture. Film paper is also a very good idea. Be careful with plastic bags because they can accelerate the process of breaking down certain foods.

Leave the raw foods in the bottom of the refrigerator and if they release liquid then store them well in a container. As said before, fruits and vegetables go in the drawers and without the shopping bags.
How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer

Other tips for good “health” from the fridge

  • Do not fill it to the top and do not allow the food to touch the walls or door, nor to each other.
  • Save the leftovers from dinner in containers.
  • Order each time you arrive to make the purchase.
  • Label the food.
  • Repeat the cleaning process once a month.
  • Distribute the food according to the specific areas according to your requirements.
  • Change the plastic containers for the glass ones to better preserve the food and not alter its flavor.
  • Store the herbs (basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, etc.) on a damp paper towel.
  • Do not put the potatoes in the fridge, neither the tomatoes nor the onions.
  • The fruits can be placed loose in the drawers and the vegetables can be stored in bags with holes to “breathe”.

How to organize the fridge so that the food lasts longer