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How to overcome an emotional break

We have all ever experienced an emotional breakdown . However, going through this is a very hard and difficult moment. Therefore, today we will discover how to overcome an emotional break in the best way.

What we have to take into account is that, whether we want to or not, we are going to go through the duel room . That which we sometimes try to overtake, ignore or in which we delay entering.

However, entering it will be an indispensable condition to overcome an emotional break.

Accept what happened

How to overcome an emotional break

Accepting what happened is the most difficult when it comes to overcoming an emotional break. At the beginning, we will refuse to assume what happened, we will get angry, we will feel anger, then sadness. However, reality is what it is.

Sometimes, if the emotional break is the result of the end of a relationship , we may harbor some hope. If we negotiate a possible return to the relationship and it happens, then we will be taking steps backwards.

It is normal that we will find ourselves with a series of unpleasant feelings and emotions .

However, this does not mean that we have to run away from them, ignore them or cover them up. You have to look at them and accept them. Only then can we move forward.

Take out what you have inside

You should not repress your emotions or hide them , as this could be counterproductive. The ideal is that you express them, although each person does it in a different way. Some decide to talk with friends, others cry inconsolably and others isolate for a short period of time.

  • If you are trying to overcome an emotional break, look for the formula that works for you to get what you have inside . If you are one of those who isolate yourself, do not go out with friends to try to ” forget ” what happened. This will only accentuate the emotions when you are alone.

In the culture in which we live we are taught to show pleasant emotions, but to hide unpleasant ones, perhaps because they make others uncomfortable.

However, it is time to stop doing this and express what we feel when we feel it. Without judging us and without restricting the freedom we have.

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Focus on what motivates you

How to overcome an emotional break

Once the previous steps have been completed, it is enough to focus so much on that emotional rupture. It is time to focus on everything that we have around us and makes us vibrate. It can be a personal project, work, children …

Many people believe that their life revolves around their relationship . Then, when it comes down and a break occurs, they no longer know where to go.

It is important that we look around us and pay attention to what also motivates us.

Discover how: Happiness must be born from within, not next to anyone .

If we do not achieve this, going to a professional will allow us to find and rediscover what gives meaning to our existence. Because the relationship is only a part of our life. Not the center of it.

Life goes on

It is natural that when we go through an emotional break we believe that everything around us collapses. However, is it true that when we observe similar situations in the past we realize that life goes on?

No matter how hard that pothole is, or how hard it is to get out of it. In the end, everything happens and everything is resolved .

Over time, we learn from that experience, we become stronger thanks to it and we continue our life. Because nothing ends with an emotional break. Moreover, in some cases, it means new beginnings full of opportunities.

Dealing with our emotions is never easy . Nor do it with that to which we have given an excessive importance.

Just as we know how to overcome a dismissal, the death of a loved one or a failure, we have to know how to overcome an emotional rupture.

  • If we have made our relationship as a couple the center of our lives, let us learn from each emotional break to understand that, in reality, this is not the case.
  • The center is us and around us there are several centers of interest that give meaning to our life (work, family, hobbies …).

Overestimating one of them or revolving around one of those foci will augur a terrible pain and a costly recovery when it falls apart.

Have you ever gone through an emotional break? Have you ever made your relationship the center of everything?

How to overcome an emotional break