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How to prepare homemade beer and what are its benefits?

Beer is one of the most used drinks in all kinds of celebrations , for this reason in many cultures has been given great importance to the preparation and consumption of this drink.

Even the popularity of beer is so great, that in many countries they sell the kits to prepare a homemade beer. For this reason today we are going to teach you to prepare a rich homemade beer, which also has many health benefits. You dare?

Benefits of homemade beer

How to prepare it?

How to prepare homemade beer and what are its benefits?
Ingredients (10 Lts)

  • Three kilograms of malted barley
  • Ten liters of water
  • Twelve grams of hops
  • Six grams of yeast
  • Ten teaspoons of sugar
  • An airlock

Preparation mode

  1. The malted barley is milled using a blender or food processor. All the grains must be perfectly ground.
  2. The grain is filtered in such a way that no residue remains.
  3. Seven liters of water are heated, without exceeding sixty-seven degrees. (It is recommended to have a thermometer on hand).
  4. When the water has boiled, all the ground grain is poured and left on the fire for ninety minutes without stopping stirring.
  5. When the mixture has already been cooked, it must pass through a filter to remove all the remains of the grains (Perform at least twice).
  6. When the liquid is completely clean, it is returned to the fire for one more hour.
  7. When thirty minutes have passed of being on the fire, you should add the twelve grams of hops and stir well.
  8. Once the time has passed, it is removed from the fire and cooled immediately. To achieve this, the pot with the preparation must be placed inside another one that contains cold water.
  9. Practically already the prepared beer is, now it only remains to pack it in the container that has been chosen to ferment, and wait a couple of days for the mixture to ferment.
  10. The container can be a water dispenser, a glass bottle.
  11. When you have the mixture in the chosen container, you must add a little more water to complete the ten liters, this way you will achieve a much smoother beer, but if instead you want a stronger beer, you they should use directly the ten liters in cooking instead of seven.
  12. The yeast should be placed in the container in which the beer is to be stored.
  13. Then the bottle should be covered with the rubber stopper that incorporates the airlock, which will allow the carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation process to be released, without letting air in. The airlock incorporates a compartment that must be filled with water up to the indicated level.
  14. When the previous steps have been carried out, it can be noticed that the airlock water begins to bubble, this means that the fermentation process is taking place. After about six days the bubbles will have disappeared, which indicates that the beer is ready.
  15. When the process is finished you can start bottling the beer (You should use only glass bottles). To each one should add a teaspoon of
  16. When all the bottled liquid is ready, it should be left for six to thirty days for a second fermentation. After this time you can enjoy this delicious homemade drink.

How to prepare homemade beer and what are its benefits?