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How to prevent and prevent hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most frequent problems today, as it affects most men and women as well. There are multiple causes that can influence this problem and among them we find factors such as sun exposure, hereditary factors, medications, nutrition, mineral deficiency, According to different researches, 70% of men suffer from hair loss, while in women the figure is only around 25%. However, regardless of who is affected and what is the cause, the important thing is to know that in most cases it can be prevented and with some recommendations we can avoid suffering from this problem.

If you have begun to notice that your hair falls or you just want to avoid this problem, we invite you to take into account the following recommendations that will help you to prevent it. First of all, we remember that when the factor is hereditary, it may be more difficult to control, however, these recommendations can be quite useful to reduce the problem. In any case, it is best to consult with the doctor so that he can determine the specific cause.

Have a healthy diet

When we suffer from hair loss, having a healthy diet is essential to combat this problem and show a It is recommended to take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoiding the consumption of fats and junk foods. To specifically treat and prevent hair loss, it is recommended to increase the consumption of Vitamin A, which is responsible for stimulating hair growth; Vitamin B5, which regenerates the skin and hair, preventing it from weakening; Vitamin B3, responsible for stimulating the circulation of blood in the scalp; Vitamin C, which works as a hair strengthener; and finally, Vitamin E, which fulfills the function of restoring hair damage, nourishing it and preventing it from falling.

Avoid sun exposure

How to prevent and prevent hair loss

UV rays not only affect the health of our skin, but our hair can also be quite affected. Exposing the hair to the sun can weaken it, dry it, make it lose shine and influence its fall. But in addition, other factors such as sea water, the beach, the river and swimming pools can also influence the and hinder its growth.

Avoid the use of chemical products

Today in the market there is a wide variety of chemicals to use on the hair, and although some work as a treatment, others are only responsible for weakening and influencing their fall. The use of gel, dyes and even some shampoos, can lead to hair loss. They are very damaging lacquers, rubber, fixers, etc.

Try to use products of natural origin that will provide many of the vitamins listed above and will not have harmful effects by dispensing with chemicals.

Use a suitable comb

How to prevent and prevent hair loss

When combing hair every day, we must also try to be very careful, because at this point you can fall more hair than normal if we do not do it correctly. It is important to use a comb with wide separations and avoid the use of brushes. In addition, we must try to keep the

Reduce the use of hats and scarves

The frequent use of hats, caps, hats, handkerchiefs or this type of accessories, can cause hair loss, because they prevent the oxygenation of hair. In addition, it is also recommended to avoid the use of tweezers, hooks and accessories to collect the hair, since these exert a certain force on them and weaken it.

Avoid the use of irons, dryers and tweezers

How to prevent and prevent hair loss

It is true that the irons, dryers and tweezers can help us to give a better look to our hair. However, the continued use of these elements can cause a lot of damage to our The high temperatures to which we expose the hair with this type of elements, makes it weaken and fall more easily.

Try to avoid stress and worries

Stress is another cause of , because it causes a contraction of the blood vessels that feed the hair. As a result, our scalp becomes denuded and our hair weakens.

How to prevent and prevent hair loss