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How to protect children from the summer sun

The summer time is the most expected by the little ones in the house. These are the ideal days, sun and good weather to go to the beach, visit the parks, play in the garden and in the tree house. In short, everything related to outdoor games and enjoy nature.

This station is the hottest and, therefore, we must bear in mind that the sun’s rays penetrate directly into the skin . Thus, parents should use strategy to protect children from the summer sun.

We can not overlook that the little ones are more sensitive to the heat and the sun’s rays. Your skin and body is delicate and is not yet ready to tolerate high temperatures . These can cause dehydration, sunstroke and eye irritation.

Recommendations to protect children from the summer sun

How to protect children from the summer sun

It is true that exposing yourself to the sun has negative consequences, but if you to take care of your little one, he will be able to enjoy these beautiful sunny days. Next, we mention some of them.

Use sunscreen

One hour before starting the games in the garden, in the pool or go shopping, try to have at your disposal the necessary materials to protect the little one. It is recommended to place sunscreen on the skin of the body and face of the child . Although ultraviolet (UV) rays give a beautiful tan, they also produce skin lesions and can be dangerous to health.

These sun creams should be special for children and have a fairly high factor. They should be applied frequently on all parts of the body that are exposed to the sun .

Proper clothing

It is convenient to use clothes preferably of cotton, of light colors and light confection so that it is fresher. This type of clothing will help the child to breathe properly and prevent

It also avoids exposing the child directly to the sun’s rays at times when the temperature is most intense. These hours are between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. It would be ideal to remain in the shade during this period.

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Hydration and healthy eating

How to protect children from the summer sun

Hydration is essential every day to protect children from the summer sun. Premium the abundant consumption of water and liquids throughout the day. Although the little one does not manifest desire to drink water, you must supply small amounts every two hours, approximately . Avoid sodas or soft drinks, because they contain sugar.

As for food, fruits, salads and cold soups are suggested. Try to have seasonal fruits at home like:

Controls body temperature

Adults should try to maintain a body temperature of 37 ° C for proper functioning. You can achieve this by consuming

  • Try to shower the child with warm water to avoid heat shock in the body if you do it with cold water. In the latter case, a rebound effect can occur, so you will feel a stronger heat after showering.
  • Another option is to spray warm water on the hands and nape of the neck or parts exposed to the sun when you are outside the house.

Set the interior of the house

Creating a fresh environment inside the house is also necessary. Keep blinds and curtains down in times of intense heat. In case the temperatures are very high outside, avoid opening the windows .

Activates household appliances such as air conditioners and fans to cool the house. This way the child will be able to play and the stay will be more pleasant. Remember to control the temperature of the environment, because when you leave it can be damaged by the sudden change in temperature.

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Other alternatives

Keep in mind that the sun is the main source of , which helps the absorption and fixation of calcium in the bones. Therefore, it is recommended not to hide completely from the sun.

The ideal is to have an indirect contact using physical barriers, such as walking the streets in the shade or using umbrellas and hats . This way you will also avoid the excess of protective creams.

It is not necessary to fall into stress and overprotection. However, we must protect children from the summer sun and its harmful effects. To do this, put into practice the recommendations mentioned above and thus ensure their welfare and health.

Finally, it is important that children learn to enjoy the benefits of the sun safely . This way we will achieve that in the future they will be adults without skin diseases due to this cause.

How to protect children from the summer sun