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How to raise our defenses naturally?

In our daily life, we are in contact with many people, objects and environments that may be laden with bacteria, viruses and parasites. Nature has given us a set of cells (white blood cells or lymphocytes), antibodies and structures (such as the lymphatic system) that protect us from these agents, preventing them from spreading and becoming diseases that can endanger our organism.

To make matters worse, our immune system also remains alert to future infections of the same type, ‘remembering’ what are the most effective ways to combat them.

Helping our body to defend itself

However, our immune system is not perfect, and often needs our help to function. By undergoing medical and surgical procedures, or if we neglect our health, we can favor the appearance of many factors that weaken it.

For example, the treatment of diseases such as cancer affects the responsiveness of the immune system; and there are diseases that attack him directly, such as AIDS. Other conditions, poor diet, and even depression and other negative moods also weaken its functioning.

There are some simple ways to improve our defenses, such as healthy eating, regular water consumption and the practice of relaxation activities. Here are some other natural ways to strengthen your immune response to diseases.

Fruits and vegetables to increase our defenses

Many vegetables and fruits contain nutrients that allow us to strengthen our immune system. For example, consumption of cauliflower – rich in antioxidants such as glutathione – is very effective in fighting infections.

Equally, it is also convenient the regular consumption of radishes , whose vitamin C favors the immunological action; of carrots , whose beta-carotene strengthens the mucous membranes; of turnips ; among others. To intensify its effect, excellent juices can be prepared that also contain citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C.

Garlic and ginger are also very important for their antibiotic power. These can also be mixed with sources of vitamin C, such as tangerines and lemons , and other nutritious vegetables such as onions and broccoli , to make nutritious and good juices for the defenses.

Finally, a fruit that is also being heavily researched due to its antibacterial properties is guava . This, which would be very effective against bacterial infections, can be mixed with the juice and pulp of other citrus fruits to prepare preparations that keep us free of viruses and infectious agents.

Infusions for a strong immune system

There are also many herbs whose properties seem to significantly improve our immune response to infections.

For example, green tea has chemicals called alkylamines, which are also present in some viruses and bacteria, so consuming it prepares the immune system to be able to deal with them properly.

Likewise, ginseng tea , which has been used mainly to increase energy and improve physical resistance, has also shown – according to some studies – excellent properties that increase the amount of certain white cells in the body, improving the immune response.

In addition, yerba mate tea (“mate cocido”), thanks to its high content of antioxidants – especially polyphenols – strengthens our immune system and protects our cells from the destructive action of bacteria.

It is possible to increase the defenses of our organism

These are just some of the many natural remedies – along with other very common as honey bee – that promote the strengthening and effective action of our immune system.

If we want to lead a healthy and disease free life, we need to know what foods to consume, but also how they help our own body to raise its defenses and protect us from the infectious agents that surround us at all times.

Remember that the best is to prevent and what better form of prevention than to provide our body with an optimal diet? This will allow our body to have the necessary capacity to face all external shocks that threaten health.

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How to raise our defenses naturally?