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How to recognize a dangerous diet: 5 signs

There is a set of characteristics that allow to recognize a dangerous diet that puts health at risk. Although its consequences have long been noticed, some still follow them because they are not able to identify the risks they entail.

It is true that they are very attractive because they promise to help you lose weight in a miraculous way; however, in most cases they lead to failure and cause unwanted reactions in the body. Why is it important to avoid these diets?

Although many seem “harmless” and “effective”, they produce nutritional deficiencies that increase the risk of diseases . In addition, they almost always cause the “yo-yo” effect, with which the person recovers the lost weight in a short time.

Signs to recognize a dangerous diet

False ideas about food are the reasons why many fail to recognize a dangerous diet. To relate the term “diet” with regimes of days or weeks is what prevents understanding the importance of nutrition.

Therefore, it should be clarified at this point that a good diet does not apply at a certain time . For its effects to be permanent on health and weight, healthy eating is an irreplaceable habit within the lifestyle.

Therefore, if the goal is to improve food and take care of the figure , it is best to identify those “miracle” plans that do little or nothing . Here we want to share some key signals so that everyone can take them into account now.

1. Restrict nutritional groups

How to recognize a dangerous diet: 5 signs

All the essential nutrients play an important role in the functions of the organism. Therefore, when a diet plan suggests eliminating any of the nutritional groups, the risk of unwanted side reactions increases .

At first they seem to give good results, since a considerable amount of weight is lost in a matter of weeks. However, by causing deficiency of some of the macro or micronutrients, the metabolism is altered and diseases develop .

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2. Promise a rapid weight loss

When people adopt a healthy diet they can lose between 0.5 and 1 kilo per week. On the other hand, the “miracle” regimes invite you to lose 5 or more kilos in the same days . The problem is that in order to meet the goal they force to eat less than 1200 calories a day .

These high caloric restrictions alter the metabolic functions and produce a deterioration of muscle mass. Since the body does not receive the inputs it needs, it begins to “self-consume” the muscles as a resource for energy .

3. They have attractive names

How to recognize a dangerous diet: 5 signs

To recognize a dangerous diet, it is enough to analyze its name; Is it linked to a fruit? Do you have the name of any Hollywood celebrity? Well, although not all are harmful, most suggest low-calorie and restrictive plans that affect health .

A good diet is one that meets the concept of healthy eating. In fact, to be effective and safe, the ideal is to adapt to the needs of each, according to the stage, condition of health and habits.

4. They are based on nutritional supplements

Is the plan suggesting to replace main meals with supplements such as shakes or pills? Watch out! This is a clear signal to recognize a dangerous diet. While supplements can support weight loss, they should not be the basis of the diet .

Following this type of program prevents achieving a good feeding routine, with all the nutritional groups. Therefore, after returning to normal eating habits, the lost weight recovers in a short time.

5. Do not recommend other healthy habits

How to recognize a dangerous diet: 5 signs

Titles like … “lose 5 kilos without exercising” or “the best diet to burn fat without gym” warn an unreliable feeding plan. As a general rule, it is important to understand that losing weight is the result of a set of healthy habits .

Therefore, although a healthy diet makes it possible to alleviate overweight , it is essential to adopt other good habits such as:

  • Physical exercise
  • Meditation
  • Adequate rest


Why is it important to recognize a dangerous diet?

Most “miracle” diets produce unwanted effects , although not all immediately. The consequences are even worse when the person ignores that he has diseases such as hypertension or diabetes.

Recognizing a dangerous diet is important because:

  • The nutritional deficiencies that they produce increase the risk of osteoporosis, anemia and other chronic pathologies .
  • By altering the metabolism, it slows down its functions and increases the tendency to accumulate fat later .
  • They lead to episodes of depression, frustration and anxiety.
  • They can be triggers of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
  • Deteriorate the muscle mass and increase the flaccidity.
  • They increase the production of hunger hormones.

In conclusion, the best way to take care of the body through diet is with a plan that suits our needs. Therefore, in addition to respecting the criteria of a balanced diet, it is advisable to consult the nutritionist to adapt it correctly .

How to recognize a dangerous diet: 5 signs