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How to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes

Anyone can have an oversight and dirty the clothes he wears while he shaves. However, there are some substances that are more harmful than others. If you get spotted during your epilation, we offer you a way out: learn how to eliminate depilatory wax stains so you do not lose your clothes in the event of an unexpected event.

It is very common for our clothes to suffer mishaps when we eat or cook , since we are exposed to many substances that can splash and stain our clothes. Oil, sauce and fat are some examples of this.

However, unforeseen events may also occur in other circumstances. One of them is hair removal . To most of the girls it has happened: depilatory wax seems to dictate the end point in our relationship with a shirt or blouse.

But wait a second! There may still be a solution to this problem. Do not give up without first giving the following techniques a chance to remove depilatory wax stains from clothing.

Tricks to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes

An important tip so that you can eliminate stains of depilatory wax is to do nothing at the moment in which it stains. Otherwise, you could spread it even further and thus complicate the situation – already compromising, of course – of your garment.

Rather, wait for it to dry and then try applying the following suggestions:

1. The cold, your great ally

A great idea is to apply cold to freeze the wax and be able to remove it more easily . Try inserting it in a plastic bag and then take it to the freezer for at least two hours. Of course, try not to get the stain in contact with the rest of the garment.

The next step, with the stain already hardened, will be removed with a spoon, knife or spatula. You can also use pointed elements such as tweezers, taking care not to damage the garment.

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How to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes

2. Use olive oil

As they are made from resin, depilatory waxes are not usually removed simply with water. We can apply oils to do it, this is also viable in the garments.

How? Simple. First, pour some olive oil over the stain. Then, soak the garment in hot water and, after letting it rest for a while, remove the stain carefully . Try to know the precautions you should have with certain clothes; remember that some do not support washing with hot water.

3. Apply alcohol

With a cloth or a sponge with alcohol, it is also possible that you can eliminate wax stains. Just rub the stain with this product and, if necessary, exert some pressure.

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4. With the iron

Just as cold is effective, heat can also help you in your task. How can you use the iron to remove depilatory wax stains? Follow these steps:

  1. Place a soft cardboard or brown paper on the ironing board or other flat, stable surface.
  2. Locate the garment with the wax facing the cardboard and pass the iron upside down. You must use a medium temperature, because if you apply too much heat you will end up with a glob that will only make things worse.
  3. Little by little, move the wax towards the clean areas of the cardboard or paper so that it will adhere to it.
  4. This process can take a few minutes ; Be patient and very careful not to damage the garment.
How to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes

5. Using boiling water

Again, it may be a non-advisable process for delicate garments . However, it has great effectiveness.

You just have to pour a few drops of olive oil in a pot of water. When it boils, put the stained part of the garment inside and then, after a few minutes, remove the remains manually . Baby oil can also be of help in these cases.

If you are not sure of the possible results of these methods, you can evacuate the doubt by trying on other older garments or even on a less visible part of the one you want to restore. In large part, its effectiveness will be linked to the type and quality of the fabric , as well as the age of the clothing.

However, it is encouraging to know that it is possible to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes. If you have not taken the precaution of using ‘sacrificial’ clothes when doing it, it is worth reviewing the recommendations that we comment here.

How to remove depilatory wax stains from clothes