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How to season foods to leave salt

It may be because you want to eat healthier, or because the doctor has prohibited you from eating salt. You may have high blood pressure or fluid retention. In all these cases, you should not worry, since there are different alternatives that replace sodium when preparing food. Learn how to season foods to leave salt in the next article.

The sodium content in foods

Sodium is responsible for controlling the levels of water in the body, so that, if we consume a lot, it eliminates less fluid at the kidney level and this fluid can accumulate in different areas, such as the ankles. An adult needs 400 mg of salt in total to be balanced. Therefore, the excess of sodium in our diet (not only the salt that you put on the food, but also the salt that is included in it) increases blood pressure by increasing blood volume.

People who have hypertension problems should leave out the salt in the food or reduce their consumption. Baked goods (cookies, breads), products with many preservatives (canned, cold meats, sausages) or pre-cooked (concentrated broths, instant soups and sauces) are the ones that contribute the most amount of salt to the organism. The good news is that you can get versions without salt or with reduced sodium, if you want to consume them.

How to season foods to leave salt

How to reduce salt intake

If you are already used to eating a lot of salt and throw it out without noticing when you prepare food or eating, it may be a little harder to leave it overnight. In addition, it will be difficult for you to feel the true flavor of the dishes.

But you must remember that reducing salt intake can avoid many problems and diseases. The interesting thing is that the taste for salt is acquired with the habits, and therefore, it can also be reduced and even eliminated or changed by other options. As you decrease the amount of salt, the preference for salt will also be reduced.

Pay attention to some tips to reduce sodium consumption:

  • Eat more fresh foods, with little sodium.
  • Reduce the use of salt when preparing food.
  • Better than each diner adds the amount of salt you want individually.
  • Do not take the saltcellar to the table to avoid temptation.
  • Season with aromatic herbs and spices.
  • Steam food without adding salt.
  • Read the labels of the prepared foods you buy well.
  • It prefers sea salt or Himalayan salt (pink).
  • When boiling the pasta for example, do not add coarse salt.
  • It is preferable to season at the beginning of the cooking, so that with a small amount it becomes more salty.

How to season foods to leave salt

Alternatives to stop consuming salt

Ground black pepper

Do not buy the one that is processed and bagged. It is better to buy the grains and then, with a grinder, flavor the food. Pay attention to the quantities, since it can be something strong. The aroma and flavor will be delicious and the best part is that you will not want to place salt.

Soy sauce

You must be careful because some brands of soy sauce are salty. It is a good way to stop using sodium. It serves to flavor many foods especially rice or pasta. And also, you can place it on the table so that each diner can serve the necessary amount. A few drops or a small trickle will be enough, because it will change the flavor a lot.

How to season foods to leave salt

Onion powder

Do not confuse with onion salt, a completely different product. Onion powder can be purchased in several markets or you can even do it. Grate an onion and let it dry or cut it into squares. Be very careful because it is a fairly concentrated product.

Lemon juice

It is not suitable for all kinds of meals and preparations since the acid taste of lemon does not like everyone and does not look good with any food. The juice will bring an exotic flavor to your meals. It serves to flavor several dishes, especially with fresh foods, for example, salads. Also for fish or chicken.

Roasted garlic

You have to cut a few cloves of garlic and then roast or baked or on the griddle. You can also chop them and leave them in a jar ready to use. The idea is to remove the moisture so that they last longer. The salty taste of garlic will not make you need to add extra salt.

How to season foods to leave salt

Sunflower seeds

Try to buy those that do not have added salt. It is ideal to give different flavor to your meals. In addition, having oil in its composition, it is perfect for salads. Add lemon juice and olive oil and forget the salt.


Instead of adding salt to your meals, try a little mustard. If you want, you can buy the seeds or buy the mustard already prepared, some with herbs or spices.

Condiments and aromatic herbs

The listing is really very extensive. Some of the available condiment options to substitute salt are: saffron, cinnamon, cloves, curry, ginger, nutmeg, basil, anise, coriander, dill, tarragon, fennel, bay leaf, mint , oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. You can make a recipe multipurpose mixing oregano powder, coriander leaves, paprika powder, bay leaves and onion powder. You can use it in any preparation.

How to season foods to leave salt