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How to tan (Without catching fire)

In some countries the heat season is about to start, and many yearn for the moment to store jackets and scarves in the back of the wardrobe, to give way to light dresses and bikinis. For many, it is the ideal time to abandon that pale tone characteristic of a zombie or a winter season, for a Hawaiian toast that feels so good to us all.

However, having tanned skin without finishing burned is not that simple. Not only aesthetically: taking sun too much will make you red like a shrimp, but also the sun in large quantities can affect your skin , to the point of producing burns and cancer.

If you think that will never happen to you, remember this great advice from grandma: we all believe that it will never happen to us, until it happens to us.

That’s why: very careful!

1) If you want a perfect tan, do not think that exposing yourself hours and hours in the sun is the best idea. You’re going to get red like a tomato, it’s going to burn you, and what’s worse, you’re going to peel. If you want to avoid all this process worthy of a snake that is changing its skin, it is best to sunbathe for short periods, every day. Half an hour every day is fine.

2) It is essential to be constantly hydrated while sunbathing to avoid dizziness and headaches.

3) Before sunbathing, make sure you do not have traces of makeup that clog your pores and generate unwanted sebum. After sunbathing, wash your face with plenty of water and neutral soap to eliminate excess perspiration and avoid having shiny skin.

4) To protect your eyes, it is best to use those plastic protectors that are sold in solariums and that are placed just above your eyeball.

5) Avoid the hours from noon until 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

6) Protect your skin with a proper sunscreen: very low factors will not do anything to you. The ideal is to use a cream of more than 30 factors, and of course, extreme care in delicate areas, such as the chest, shoulders and lips.

7) To keep your hair in optimal conditions: extreme care, and protect them with special serums and creams for combs.

8) Always after sunbathing, put on a moisturizing cream: that will make your tan last longer and prevent you from escaping.

9) In some countries it is still not defined if sunbeds are harmful to health . If you are looking for an artificial tan using this method: get advice on your skin type and how long you can expose yourself to these rays. Never sunbathe and then go to a solar bed, nor submit to this treatment with less than 48% difference between one exposure and another. If you are pregnant, do not even think about this method.

10) Exposing yourself to the sun or tanning beds and taking some medications is not appropriate. If you are taking any medication and want to sunbathe, it is best to consult your doctor beforehand to see if there is no problem in doing so.

11) If you do not want to turn into a raisin, do not even think about using any type of oil , even if you have some kind of solar factor. You will burn like a fried potato. Some go further, and for tanning use cooking oil. Needless to say, those who do this are some kind of kamikaze: Do not ever do it! It is extremely dangerous.

Photos from: Counting Estrelas

How to tan (Without catching fire)