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How to treat a muscle tear

When we speak of a muscular tear, we are facing the breaking of the fibers that are inside the tissues of the muscles , either partially or totally. People who have suffered this painful condition say that it feels like more than one needle is stuck in them and, in many cases, it presents with some degree of hemorrhage, since the blood vessels that cross the part that has suffered the rupture, they break.

The vast majority of these damages occur when people decide to practice a sport for the first time, or those who only do it on weekends for lack of regular time; Unfortunately, they do not take into account that before starting any physical practice an adequate pre-heating should be carried out.

These injuries usually occur when doing a physical activity in which a stretch is performed that exceeds the capacity of the muscle , or when a violent and sudden movement is made; It also presents itself with ease when trying to lift a weight much higher than the one that truly has the capacity to resist. The ailment can occur both at the start of an activity and at the end of it. Muscle tears can occur much more frequently in the legs and back.

Muscles with more injuries

How to treat a muscle tear

The calf muscles

When a tear occurs in the calf, the muscles that are injured are those in the lower leg, these muscles have the function of helping to move and lift the heel.

The quadriceps

When there is a tear in the quadriceps, the muscles that have been affected are those in the front of the thigh. The main function of these muscles is to help straighten the knee.

The paravertebral muscles

When a lumbar tear occurs it is because the muscles of the lower back have been broken. The main function of these muscles is to hold the spine in place and to support the entire weight of the upper body.

Degree of tear

The first degree muscle tear

It receives the name of extended muscle. The symptoms of this injury are not very painful, since only about five percent of the muscle has been damaged and there is no very large loss of strength in it. It is possible to contract it feeling only a slight discomfort.

The second degree muscle tear

The pain of this injury is a little stronger, in which the rupture of the muscle is not total, but it has affected much of it. This injury is very easy to feel to the touch, since you can touch a knot in the affected part. You feel a lot of pain and the muscle can contract, but only a little.

The third degree muscle tear

In this opportunity the muscle has suffered a very serious damage and it has literally started in two , being impossible to contract it because it causes too much pain. It can be seen that a large lump has formed under the skin. Surgery is required to correct the damage caused.

Treatments for a muscle tear

  • Immediately you feel pain you have to stop the activity that is being done, in this way you can avoid that the problem is greater.
  • Stay a good time at rest so that the problem is not more serious.
  • Immediately you feel the hassle of trying to apply ice or a cold compress.
  • It is very important to keep the affected muscle with a bandage.
  • Try to raise the leg or the affected part high with the help of a cushion.
  • When the pain is much lower it is advisable to start a rehabilitation program, this must be done with a professional, since the injury can be repeated with great ease.

How can muscle tears be avoided?

How to treat a muscle tear

  • As we have already said, it is very important to do a good warm-up before starting any physical activity, especially if this activity is not done very frequently.
  • When the exercise that is being done is about to end, it is important to lower the speed or the intensity of it, since a tear can occur due to fatigue or muscular exhaustion.
  • It is important to be alert and to any pain or pull that can be felt in any part of the body. suspend activity.
  • During the exercise it is very important to consume enough quantities of hydrating drinks.
  • When starting any exercise routine it is very important to have patience and move forward little by little.
  • Healthy eating plays a very important role in this case as in any other, it is a good idea to include enough products that provide fiber to the body, which helps keep muscle fibers healthy and strong.
  • It must be borne in mind that these injuries must be treated as soon as possible, that is, no later than forty-eight hours before medical assistance should be sought.

How to treat a muscle tear