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How to treat hearing loss in adolescents?

The world of high-definition have negative effects on teenagers . It has been shown that partial hearing loss has increased in the new generations.

The use of hearing aids, for prolonged periods of time, is the main cause of auditory deficit in children and adolescents. However, attending noisy venues, concerts, playing electric musical instruments and even working in telephone booths are the cause of this problem.

When is there a hearing loss?

Doctors establish that there is atrial loss when a person is not able to have an auditory threshold equal to or greater than 25 dB.

The diagnosis is also made when the loss in this sense is higher than 40 dB in adults , or 30 dB in the minor population. It is assumed that the latter must have a better disposition to listen.

Disability exists when a limitation prevents the full deployment of abilities, causing serious difficulties in our daily lives.

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The detection

How to treat hearing loss in adolescents?

Unfortunately there are cases of that are not diagnosed in time . What is not always known is that time is often key when it comes to generating considerable improvements in the patient’s condition.

In the case of is necessary to carry out the detection in time to adequately address their educational training. This must include, from an early age, the learning of sign language.

Another problem is the detection of partial deafness. Hearing loss comprises many levels and is generated by congenital and also acquired causes. Wear can start at the least expected time.

Appearance of tinnitus

There are some symptoms that can help us know that something is not going well with our ears. Tinnitus is perhaps the best sign of a possible future hearing loss.

Tinnitus are auditory phenomena that are characterized by the hearing of whistles and whistles that do not really exist in the external environment. These are notes, bells and other sounds somewhat uncomfortable and out of the ordinary.

In general, this symptom could be the beginning of a possible . However, the only way to prove it is to undergo an audiometry test . The important thing is to perform the respective check before its manifestation.

The danger of overexposure to noise

How to treat hearing loss in adolescents?

Today there has been a rebound in hearing loss and illness due to continuous overexposure to noise . According to the World Health Organization, 50% of young people with medium and high income are at risk of suffering this type of disease.

This statistic includes people who are between 15 and 35 years of age. The main source of risk is the abusive use of electronic devices such as MP3, hearing aids, telephones, etc.

The WHO also estimates that 40% is in danger due to regular exposure to noise in discotheques, bars, concerts and other environments where a high noise index is recorded by horns or amplifiers.

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When the is possible to be resorted to certain devices that allow the amplification of the sound so that the patient can listen with certain facility. Everything depends on the severity of your clinical picture.

One of the most used solutions is the retroauricular hearing aid that adapts to the shape of the ear and its cavity from the outside. This can be used in almost all types of deafness.

There are also cochlear implants , those that work with the parts that do not work inside internal hatred, allowing to transmit the sound signals to the affected person’s brain. This treatment can be somewhat more expensive.

How to avoid acquired deafness?

How to treat hearing loss in adolescents?

in adolescence can be prevented by moderate behavior with respect to sound exposure. The main thing is to avoid excessive volume in audio devices. It is not only music, but also video games.

The use of plugs is advisable for young people who are dedicated to playing a musical instrument, especially if it is electric. The auditory load in the test room should not exceed 100 dB. The exposure time must also be regulated to avoid hearing loss.

On the other hand, people who make continuous visits to clubs or concerts are more likely to suffer problems in their . That is why it is fundamental to regulate this type of activities and if we attend them, we should try to get as far away as possible from the speakers.

How to treat hearing loss in adolescents?