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How to treat the dryness of the skin completely

The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body and it is our protection against all kinds of external agents.

Remember that, like any other organ, we need to take care of it so that it works properly and thanks to sun exposure, chemical products and changes in temperature, our skin undergoes changes in its texture and composition.

The dryness of the skin can be a warning that our body is also dehydrated , however, in the aesthetic part a dry, battered and dull skin is uncomfortable and unattractive.

We all want some moist legs and a healthy face, but if you find yourself going through a stage of

Causes of dry skin

In more severe cases of dryness, there may be itching or , causing pain and, on several occasions, the appearance of ulcers or yagas.

Dry skin can be genetic and hereditary , but factors such as weather, sun exposure, skin care or skin diseases can also influence it. In many cases, it may be due to the lack of

Most cases of dry skin are due to the little care that is given . Use aggressive soaps, do not apply moisturizers, put aside the use of sunscreen, etc. All of the above can be resolved at home by following certain steps and tips that will help revitalize the health of your skin.

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Care to treat dry skin

How to treat the dryness of the skin completely

Normally, there are cares that we must take that are basic. Do not abuse hot water, use soaps with neutral pH and moisturize the skin after the shower , including sun protection, is essential as a daily routine to keep skin healthy.

In the case of skins with more aggressive dryness there are several tricks that we can add to our routine to improve the texture of it:

Good nutrition

As we commented before, a is fundamental for the health of the body in general and our skin is not the exception . Eating fruits, vegetables and vegetables rich in vitamins will help to moisturize your body from within making your skin look radiant.

The consumption of water throughout the day is also very important . Remember that the rule of 2 liters per day is not necessary, consume what your body needs and ask you.


How to treat the dryness of the skin completely

Although it is believed that the exfoliation further dries the skin, thanks to the elimination of dead cells, it helps to repair and regenerate the skin by moisturizing it.

Use the scrub that you like may be salt, sugar or coffee. Choose one that is not so abrasive for the state of your skin and rub it in circular movements to get rid of all the dead skin.


Beyond consuming it thanks to its properties, milk is an excellent moisturizer for the skin .

As did the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, bathing with milk is perfect for people with dry skin, because the high content of proteins in this milk, softens and hydrates leaving a smooth finish.

Fill a tub or tub with milk and leave your body (or parched area) soaking for about 20 minutes. After this, remove the remains of the milk with warm water, not soap. The proteins will penetrate your skin, giving it shine and moisture.

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How to treat the dryness of the skin completely

The oils are known to contain vitamins and nutrients, excellent for combating dryness.

Add a couple of tablespoons to your daily moisturizer, this will give extra moisture that will suit your skin very well. Apply this mixture in areas where there is more dryness once or twice a day.


In the case of the face, which is one of the areas that more dryness presents, you can use

Make a tonic of olive oil with milk adding one tablespoon of oil to four tablespoons of milk and mix them well. With the help of a cotton ball, soak it and pass it all over your face, you will see the results in a few days and you will feel your face much more hydrated.

How to treat the dryness of the skin completely