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How to use celery to lose weight?

For no one is a secret that vegetables provide a lot of benefits for our health, that is why it is so important that we incorporate them into our diet. Similarly, we know that maintaining the correct weight is something that allows us to maintain good health and of course a better quality of life , however this is something that worries many people and is very valid, especially when it is done thinking about the Health.

For this reason it is convenient to know that among the vegetables that we consume we can find some very effective to help us lose weight , such as celery. It is a vegetable that is regularly used in the preparation of a large amount of food and is recommended for people who make diets to lose weight, due to its low calorie content, it contains absolutely no fat and contains a minimum amount of carbohydrates.

Properties of celery

Celery is characterized by its high water content – about 95% -, which makes it an easily digested food, it is moisturizing and has high diuretic properties, it also helps to cleanse the body, it can prevent stomach cancer and of colon. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps control blood pressure and can fight insomnia. Even, it is usually truly effective in relieving fevers and allergies.

How to use celery to lose weight?

This vegetable contains essential oils such as limonene and selinose, which are what give diuretic properties to celery, which are found in greater quantities in the stem and seeds.

The essential oils found in celery also have great antibacterial properties, which can help eliminate any infection or toxic substance that can be found in the kidneys, as well as have the ability to remove stones or stones that have been able form both in the kidneys and in the gallbladder.

This large number of properties are what make celery an excellent food, not only for those who want to lose weight, but also for all people in general, especially for those who care about maintaining a good quality of life.

Consume celery to lose weight

For people who want to use it as a method to lose weight, I have a very simple and effective recipe to help lose those extra pounds. To eliminate weight consuming celery you can prepare delicious juices of the fruit that you like most combined with some stalks of celery.

How to use celery to lose weight?

You can make any mixture of one or several fruits or vegetables, adding the main ingredient (celery). The fruits and vegetables that can best be combined with celery are: carrots, cucumbers and apples , although of course, as we already mentioned, you can add the fruit or vegetables of your choice. Also, you can also take advantage to start adding more commonly the celery to your meals, besides being healthy, it will be delicious!

Similarly, it is important to remember that to obtain optimal benefits should accompany your daily celery juice with a balanced diet and, above all, a daily exercise routine. If, on the one hand, it does not attract your attention to attend a gym, you can take advantage of it and do a daily walk of 30 minutes or an hour, that will be enough!

How to use celery to lose weight?