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I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge

Do you react in a way that many consider exaggerated? Does it affect how others feel? If so, you may be an emotional sponge.

There are people who are very sensitive. This causes them to be more empathetic than the rest and, also, more susceptible.

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Everything affects them more than those around them. Because for them, emotions are pushed to the limit .

When you are sad, you are very sad; When you are happy, you are very happy. In terms of feelings, there are no average terms for you.

Maybe this happens because you absorb feelings that do not belong to you.

I am an emotional sponge and I suffer

I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge

If you are an emotional sponge, you may have been applauded for your great empathy, your ability to listen and to be able to advise people around you.

However, what they all do not know is that you suffer because you do not stop absorbing everything that others feel .

In this way, if you are talking to a friend who is having a hard time because a family member has died, you will feel their pain, absorb it and also suffer.

This would not be bad if you were not surrounded by people who are constantly transmitting their emotions, mostly negative.

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It’s not your fault You are not aware of it. You are more sensitive than others and this, although it is beneficial, also hurts you .

The characteristics of an emotional sponge

I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge

It is time for you to discover if, in reality, you are an emotional sponge, a person to whom everything that happens around you affects you much more than the rest.

  • You feel different: You know that you perceive and experience your emotions in a more intense way.
  • It will always be something personal: No matter what it is, you will take everything more to heart.
  • Stress, stress and anxiety are part of your life: You have not chosen them, but because they absorb the emotions of others, they are already part of you.
  • You are a self-observing person: Your sensitivity allows you to autoanalyze yourself and observe yourself in order to know you better in all the senses.
  • Your empathy is very developed: You can put yourself in other people’s shoes with ease.
  • Criticism affects you: Even if you try to avoid it, you always end up crying because of them.

If it’s not yours, let it go!

I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge

If you have discovered that you are an emotional sponge, that means that you are very reactive . This means that, in situations that do not affect others, you react in an exaggerated way.

Imagine that you ride the bus or you are in the doctor’s waiting room and a person sits next to you. If you feel bad or sad, you will begin to be the same without wanting it or wanting it.

It does not matter that you do not know anything about it.

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The big problem arises when this affects you in your life. When you are not able to release what is not yours and you become an emotional sponge.

You must be especially careful because you can begin to forget about yourself, to give yourself to others, to suffer for other people .

Take care of your health

I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge

When this happens, it is important that you begin to reorient everything you feel. Empathy is not negative; To feel too much, but to drag and absorb pain and suffering from others is.

It is not the same to perceive that to absorb and this is something that, at times, gets out of hand and we stop controlling.

Therefore, when you find yourself very overwhelmed, when you notice that emotions are getting out of hand, watch over you.

It is time for you to protect yourself from the emotions of others, to learn to feel, but also to let go.

You do not have to be responsible for the feelings of others, the sorrows, the sorrows, the pains …

If you do, they will accumulate with your own until it becomes unbearable and you end up exploding.

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Learn to get away from the most negative emotions and surround yourself with positive people . In this way, you will absorb more of the good and avoid the bad.

When you can not do it, allow the negativity to run its course . Do not force yourself to retain it. Simply, release it.

I am so sensitive that I become an emotional sponge