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I give you and you give me

I give you, but you also have to give me. Well, offering everything I have and not being compensated hurts.

They have always told us that we must give without expecting to receive anything in return . However, when you are the only one who sustains a relationship, in the end, you get fed up.

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It is true that you do not have to be interested , that you must surrender your heart even at the risk that they will do it a thousand pieces.

But how many times were you the one who threw for the relationship? How many times did you think about throwing in the towel?

I give you everything, you swim

I give you and you give me

It is impossible for a situation like this to be sustained over time . It’s like kissing someone who answers with punches.

We do it with all our good intentions, we are full of kindness and love. However, taking us for fools is not an option.

There are several circumstances in which we tolerate this. None of them is positive for us, that is why it is necessary to be aware of them in order to solve them.

You are under the yoke of an emotional manipulator

It can be your friend or your partner, even a family member. An emotional manipulator seeks to hold you in his hands so that, little by little, you do, act and speak as he wishes.

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Without realizing it, you will go off and consuming. The manipulator absorbs all your energy so that you give everything until there is nothing left of you.

Sometimes, they are also known as emotional vampires . Do you know what happens when they have nothing else to suck? They just go …

You act like a martyr

I give you and you give me

A martyr is a person for whom “I give you and, if you do not give me, it does not matter” is his main belief . He does not mind receiving sticks, being used and hurting him.

Some of these people like to see them as good, even if it means being stupid.

In its most internal forum there is a constant search for victimhood. They want others to pity them for their misfortunes that, in reality, are not such, because they have allowed it.

All the negative that comes to his life, they trap him and use him in his favor to feel like the best people in the world.

You do not have confidence in yourself

I give you and you give me

Perhaps you wish you could face this situation, but you suffer from a lack of confidence and a very low self-esteem that cause guilt to appear in every corner.

Even if you want, you do not dare to leave your partner even knowing that he is a passive being in your relationship. You are not happy, they give you outbreaks of anxiety, but you do not have the courage to make a decision right now .

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You are afraid of that feeling of guilt that comes over you as long as you say “no” or break something. This causes you great discomfort.

I give you, but this does not make me happy

I give you and you give me

When you empty yourself before a person, when you give it all, this should make you happy. In case this is not the case, something bad happens.

Open your eyes to discover if you are giving everything for someone who is not worth it . Sometimes, we do not realize that we feed that manipulator, liar, aggressive we have before us.

Love yourself enough to walk away when you’re not comfortable . Even if you are acting correctly, this will not always make you feel good. When this is so, go.

Probably, you are surrounded by toxic people.

Sometimes we are not aware of what is happening to us, why we no longer feel so good if, in reality, we do the same as always.

Look around you and think about whether you are giving too much of yourself. It’s nice to give, but it’s also nice to receive .

Because, although we think about not getting anything in return, it is true that reciprocity, in some way, is necessary .

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Sometimes, your kindness and generosity will be used by many who will take you for a fool. Others, people do not deserve everything you are giving them.

The most important thing is that you be yourself and that you can feel good giving without expecting to receive. Of course, always to who truly deserves it.

I give you and you give me