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I want to stop thinking about you

I want to stop thinking, but I do not know how to do it . My mind seems to dominate me and, although I want to eliminate you from it, I can not.

It causes me great discomfort to find myself in this situation. Because not only are memories that seem to shelter in my head, but they are accompanied by emotions and feelings that are not very positive.

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Concerns, suppositions , questions about “and if I had acted otherwise” or “what would have happened if everything were different” …

I do not know how I’m going to do it, but I want to stop thinking at once.

Thoughts, come to me

I want to stop thinking about you

To remove someone from the head, the first step is not to ignore or turn away from all those reflections and ideas mixed with emotions that come to our mind.

It is normal that you do not want to face them, because they already hurt too much by themselves. However, if you do not do it, you can not stop thinking about who is no longer part of your life.

  • Analyze your thoughts: think about them and see how they make you feel and why. Inquire about the logic of them and what is causing them to come to you often.
  • You worry too much? Sometimes we doubt our decisions and choices. It is what is called “repentance.” However, it is an action that we can stop because, if you realize, all those worries have no basis.
  • Keep in mind the fear: You may not stop thinking about that person for fear of loneliness.
  • Do not compare your life with that of the other person: The comparisons join us in a circle of negativity in which we will never feel comfortable and satisfied.

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I want to stop thinking about you

It is important that you take these steps into account so that you can accept in a healthy way those ideas that come to your mind , and so that you can enjoy all the good that they are going to provide you.

I will focus my attention on other things

Once you have faced all those thoughts about the other person, they can follow their course; that is, they will come to your mind and then leave.

However, many others will continue to make you feel and experience anxiety, sadness, melancholy and doubts. For those, there is another alternative: focus attention on other things.

There is no better technique to forget someone to do something new or focus on what you like . Now you have time for yourself, so dedicate it whole.

Go out more with your friends, meet new people, focus on your work, plan the trip you’ve always wanted to do …

All this will make you busy and that, although from time to time that person appears in your mind, you are able to stop thinking about it quickly.

I want to stop thinking about you

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Maybe you’re wondering, is not this a technique to evade the problem? The truth is that no, as long as we have made the step previously commented.

This is a second option that will eradicate those ideas more attached.

To stop thinking, I’ll forget to fantasize with you

This is not over yet! You still feel bad and you can not completely forget that person. This happens because you keep fantasizing about her and the relationship.

When we idealize something, we dream awake and we get an equivocal idea about what happens.

This adheres strongly to our mind and, even wanting to stop thinking about that person, we can not.

Through our head are still those appointments, kisses, situations that we have lived and we remember with a smile and then end up crying to tears alive.

It is a way of self- harming , because we know that we do not come to anything with this. They are mere illusions and painful memories of something that no longer exists.

It is important to mention that, although we carry out these tips and others that can work for you, the time will be the one that puts everything in its place .

We can not stop thinking about someone who has been important to us from one day to the next. This requires your own time but, above all, to accept what is happening.

I want to stop thinking about you

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If we deny reality, if we complain and if we rejoice in our pain, this situation will continue even longer .

Therefore, we must know how to accept what happens to us, not despair and wait. Sooner or later, everything will stop generating discomfort.

Today I will stop thinking because I have the strength and the will to do it.

I want to stop thinking about you