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Ideal foods to clean the intestine

The intestine is responsible for extracting nutrients from food that will then be absorbed by the body; the small intestine has a length of five to seven meters, the large intestine is between one meter to one and a half meters, the intestines often suffer from ailments such as

For a good remedy of the results that are expected the first thing that must be done is to perform a detoxification , in the intestines accumulate waste that can obstruct the normal transit of the stools, in this way are stored toxins that irritate, inflame and congest the colon. When the intestine is totally clean and purified, it will only be necessary to perform a weekly maintenance, a cleaning every year and a healthy diet so that the healing takes place little by little.

With the daily food you can clean the intestine

There is no such special and effective remedy to clean the intestine as the food itself , definitely food is the only way to clean the intestine in the long term and in a definitive way. Among the foods that can clean the intestine are definitely fruits, vegetables, fiber and water, no animal food comes in here, it does not even fit the yogurt, although it is highly recommended to restore the intestinal flora.

Fruits and vegetables

In the group of fruits we will find the greatest amount of vitamins to get energy and strengthen the , have a good amount of fiber and antioxidants. Care must be taken when choosing fruits so as not to eat fruits that have too much sugar, such as apples, citrus fruits, papaya, etc. In vegetables we can find minerals that maintain the balance of the body, also have a good amount of fiber.

From these you can choose stems, such as alfalfa,

Cereals, pulses and nuts

Ideal foods to clean the intestine

These foods are those of the group that provide fiber and are those that help strengthen the amount of iron in the blood , increase peristaltic movement in the intestine forming a kind of protection throughout the digestive system to prevent, with the passage of time, he gets sick so often. When you eat cereals, it will be much better if you eat low-fat milk.

The seaweed

The psyllium husk and are ideal for absorbing absolutely all the toxins found in the intestine, they also form a gel that lubricates the stool. Eating algae with some frequency, but with moderation, the problems of constipation, , lazy bowel are resolved, and blood is purified from the intestine.

The omega and extra virgin oils

In the avocado we can find omegas, olive oil, grape seed oil or sunflower seed, are excellent for cleaning the intestine, these foods also lubricate and nourish the intestine, also have the ability to convert the insoluble fiber in fiber of high digestion.


Water is the best ally of the health of the intestine and the whole organism, with the water the body is hydrated, the body temperature is regulated, in addition it cleans each organ including, of course, the intestine; Water is really important in the process of cleansing and intestinal healing, with the habit of drinking enough water we release toxins, we purify waste that has been there inside our colon for years.

Weekly plan to clean the bowel

To adequately “maintain” our colon, we must drink plenty of water one day a week, eat whole fruits without liquefying them and eat the raw vegetables thoroughly washed. This must be done for 24 hours.

Foods that we should use for annual cleaning

In the same way that you do the weekly cleaning, you can do an annual cleaning routine, this is achieved by increasing the consumption of whole fruits and raw vegetables to one week, you can include the green tea without sugar in an empty stomach, in addition to drinking plenty of natural water and room temperature.

As you can realize the detoxification of the organism does not require much time or strange foods, you just have to be careful with the routines and eat only the indicated foods without exaggerating the quantities, in this way you can keep your intestines healthy and detoxified.

Ideal foods to clean the intestine