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Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week

Legumes are an essential food in our nutritional pyramid, thanks to its content in protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber.

Although many people do not like to eat vegetables or they find it hard to digest them, they should not be missing from our weekly menus if we want to follow a balanced diet .

Discover in this article why it is so beneficial to eat vegetables, as well as 7 different ways to cook them.

Why should we eat legumes?

Legumes are an excellent food for our health for different reasons:

  • They are one of the best sources of vegetable protein.
  • They contain a lot of fiber .
  • They are a very satisfying food.
  • They contain complex carbohydrates, so they are an ideal source of energy.
  • They contain vitamins (especially group B) and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc or iron.
  • They are low in calories.

If we have trouble digesting them, we can cook them with a little kombu seaweed, cumin or fennel , or accompany them with a digestive infusion (mint, fennel, anise, ginger, cinnamon, etc.).

They should always be soaked for a minimum of 4 hours and we can eliminate the water after the first boil to improve its digestibility.

In addition, they are a very economic food that we can consume in many different ways, some surprising.

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An idea for each day of the week

1. Cold salads

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week


In this way we can eat legumes even on the hottest days.

These salads are very balanced, since they contain the nutrients we need and combine raw and cooked foods.

2. Stews and soups

The most traditional way to eat vegetables is in stews and soups. However, they do not always have to be the main food of these recipes.

We can also add them in small quantities whenever we are going to cook any of these dishes. In this way we will enrich the stews and we will give them more flavor.

3. Creams and purees

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week

For those who find it harder to digest legumes, because they cause acidity or flatulence, we recommend opting for creams and purées. Once we have cooked the vegetables together with some vegetables we will crush everything.

4. Salty pancakes

Chickpea flour is made by grinding this legume. The result is a perfect flour for multiple recipes. Not only does it allow us to replace wheat flour, but it is much more nutritious, complete and healthy.

In addition, it is not necessary to mix it with egg, since the result is compact if we only mix it with water.

  • With this flour we can make all kinds of doughs such as pancakes, crepes , pizzas or fajitas that will allow us many types of fast and healthy meals.
  • We only have to cook them on the grill and then fill them or put on top the ingredients we want, such as sauces, cheese, olives, vegetables, etc.

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5. Sponge cakes

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week

Although it seems impossible, with cooked vegetables we can make

  • The result is much more nutritious but also healthier sweets , with more vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.

In this way, the dessert will become another dish, so that we can eat it with a salad and thus have the menu ready and complete.

  • If we want to camouflage more is the taste of the vegetables we can add cocoa or chocolate.

6. Appetizer creams

The cold salty creams of legumes are an ideal appetizer for any time. We refer to chickpea cream combined with tahini (sesame paste) and some condiments , typical of Arabic cuisine.

We can try this cream with different legumes and even give it a touch of original color with natural coloring ingredients such as spirulina (green), turmeric (yellow) or beet (pink).

7. Germinated

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week

Finally, we can also germinate the legumes so that the sprout of the plant arises .

At that time,

Ideas for eating legumes every day of the week