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If you did not exist, what would the world miss?

Have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you did not exist? In our eagerness to be better than others, by comparing ourselves and wanting to be like others, we put aside our true essence.

In the end we end up not highlighting, hiding the qualities that make us unique and special . We are afraid to show ourselves as we truly are.

This is called .

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This syndrome causes us to try not to excel in anything, so that nobody feels inferior or superior . However, we do not realize that all of us excel at something.

Do not change, shine

If you did not exist, what would the world miss?

We spend a large part of our lives looking for change . From small, they already teach us to be much more quiet, to be ashamed of certain attitudes, to show us more reserved.

Little by little, this castrates our true essence, although it does not stay here. As the years progress, insecurities, fears and comparisons emerge stronger than ever.

Many will be against all this. They will not care where society has been dragging them.

They are those people that you look with happiness and pride, because they have known how to build a strong personality , staying firm in how they are.

Unfortunately, many others follow the wrong path. The path of change. However, what should be modified? Your defects? The way you are?

Trying to change in these aspects will end with what little remains of you. What you see as defects, maybe not so much .

Think, for example, of all those people who achieved success, but who did not get good grades at school.

If you were them, perhaps you would think that your defect was laziness, not pay attention, distract yourself too easily …

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If you did not exist, what would the world miss?

They did not see it this way. What you would consider a failure, these people understood it as an opportunity to look for what they really liked to do.

They decided not to change, but to move. The consequence was that they began to shine.

Who are you?

We are all afraid to answer the question of who we are or what the world would be lost if we did not exist …

What is the reason for this fear without foundations? The fear.

We know that being different has multiple consequences , that struggling to maintain our authenticity is difficult in a world like ours.

  • Many will envy you and, in the worst case, wish that everything goes wrong.
  • You will attract different toxic people who will try to make you return to that point where it was not you, while they manipulate you at will.
  • If you succeed because you have known how to stay in your line, some people will approach you for interest .

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If you did not exist, what would the world miss?

You may, at certain times, notice the taste of loneliness on your palate . It is an unpleasant sensation, but it is that getting out of the way that we all walk is not well seen.

Turn around, look for yourself, find yourself and recognize that, if you did not exist, you would miss this and that, it will cause many people to reject you.

However, you will have achieved something. Be happy.

The meaning of life

The meaning of your life will be what you wanted to give it . Perhaps this is marred by the desire for power, for the material, for possessing …

However, in your hands is to turn this around.

Get who you really are in light if time has started to worry you. The days go by without meaning, death begins to scare you very much.

If in your present you live as you want to do it, without worrying, being yourself, you will not be afraid of anything because you will know that, when the time comes, you will be proud of having lived fully .

Do not hide your true “I”. Nobody is the same as another, we all have qualities that make us stand out, be unique and that contribute something to this world.

If you did not exist, what would the world miss?

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Find your way and work your own life . Never let anyone or anything turn off the light you give off.

Now that you’ve come this far, it’s time for you to answer the question: if you did not exist, what would the world miss?

If you did not exist, what would the world miss?