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if you fall seven times, get up eight

If you fall, get up . We all know the theory but, how difficult it is to carry it out when we are going through a bad time!

Because yes, throughout our lives there are many moments in which we fall, but we must get up, because there is still a long way to go.

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Anguish, depressions, frustrations, stress … our life is full of circumstances that take us from the highest to the lowest . What can we do? We give up?

Even if everything seems to be lost, you must continue. Life will continue with you or without you.

There’s always hope

It is normal that, if you are going through a bad period in your life, you see everything without hope. However, everything will start to fill with light after a while.

When this pothole has passed you will see how you will get up easily . It is normal that now you see everything black. Now is not your best time.

if you fall seven times, get up eight

One of the problems that most affect us at that time is depression , a disease that subjects us and that makes us deeply unhappy. Unlike sadness, depression remains over time. Hope is nonexistent then.

Despite all this, we must avoid letting ourselves be carried away by it. Depression can arise from a loss, from a serious problem, because we have just been kicked out of work.

But, although now you do not see an exit, believe us: there is . You think you’re in a pit. Get up, because there is hope.

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You can not see this hope , because one thing that we do wrong is to enhance that discomfort in which we find ourselves. If we are wrong, we will do everything possible to be even worse. There are people who work to fall to the bottom, because only then do they get up afterwards.

You do not feel like anything

It is normal that when you find yourself going through a bad situation do not feel like anything. Sometimes, we do not leave the house, we lock ourselves up, we put aside our friendships and we sink only in our deep pain.

if you fall seven times, get up eight

This can be beneficial to meet with our inner self, listen to it and learn from all this pain. Going through something that makes us really suffer is not a negative thing .

We must experience it in order to overcome that which has hurt us so much. If we did not suffer, we would never overcome it.

This is why we must fall, but neither should we let ourselves go. Even if you do not want anything, neither to live, nor to take care of yourself, you are strong. Yes, you are strong and in your innermost self you know that you will overcome this.

Your instinct for survival will prevent you from being defeated .

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For that reason, that “duel” passes, subtract it, feel it, so that later you can be reborn as a phoenix. Learn up to your most painful moments , because it is from them where you can learn the most, about the world and about yourself.

It’s time, get up!

Now is the time that, after that period of pain, reflections on how you have acted. You have fallen, it is normal. We all stumble over stones again and again on our way but, because the world is full of stones!

if you fall seven times, get up eight

The question is … When you fall, do you stay on the floor? You pass shame, that’s true, but you force yourself to get up. When you go through a bad time, think about this.

If you fall 7 times, get up 8; Even if you sink deep inside, you must be sure that you will overcome it .

The most negative moments will allow you to know yourself and know how much you need to be submerged in that pain and when will be the moment when you take out all your strength and must rise up.

Of course it is different to be sad one day than to go through a depression. But the result is the same: you will end up getting up.

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Never give up, because it will not be the last time you run into a problem. Suffering, falling, is part of our path , the important thing is to keep getting up. This will make you strong, it will make you be brave.

If you fall seven times, get up eight.

if you fall seven times, get up eight