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If you want to learn, you can not run

If you want to learn, the last thing you should do is run . Driving forward will prevent you from stopping, reflecting and solving the problems you now have.

You will only ignore them and accumulate them until they are unbearable to cope with.

Each of us walks with a backpack behind us that has a limit . Sooner or later, it will be necessary to clean up.

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However, the rush and fear that time passes too quickly cause our backpack to overflow, to the point of drowning, suffocation, falling by the weight we carry.

Maybe this is because we do not like anything having to give a minute of our life to all that we ignore. Either because it hurts us or because we have to dedicate too many hours.

Learning is a process

If you want to learn, you can not run

We constantly learn from all the experiences we are experiencing . What has hurt us or the mistakes we have made.

In all this, it is necessary to stop. Running forward will prevent us from seeing the real reality and will make us fall into some mistakes that will do us little good.

Some of them may be believing that stumbling is negative, something we have to be ashamed of. That is why, in our inertia, we run forward in an attempt to forget that bad moment .

However, we have forgotten to reflect on the reason for our fall. Doing so would have allowed us to learn and, surely, helped to choose the best of the roads.

Because, maybe, we are not transiting on the right path.

Also, when they hurt us it is a good opportunity to learn . Close your eyes and start a sprint that we can not see well the end will be a nefarious idea.

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If you want to learn, you can not run

We are all afraid of suffering; however, if we stop to see the pain we would realize that it is inevitable, but that suffering is optional.

Our haste prevents us from realizing all this. The great consequence is that we do not learn and continue walking blind with a backpack loaded with unnecessary things .

If you have to stop, stop!

If you want to learn, you can not run

The routine, problems and worries can cause stress, depression, anxiety and other emotions that make us unhappy.

In spite of everything, we refuse to stop and continue in our day to day without introducing changes , without stopping and without solving what happens to us.

Until one day we explode and the consequences are devastating.

How many times have you felt in a labyrinth with no way out? What have you done about it? Probably, you tried to ignore it, wishing that everything would be solved by itself.

You have forgotten about you Therefore, e s necessary that you return to reacquaint yourself, you look halls and happiness that lets you feel alive, full of vitality.

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Do not give up so easily. This you do when you run without wanting to look back instead of stopping and attacking the problem head on.

If you have to stop, do it. Without fear, without doubts, without haste. Take the time that you need to return to be you , to release the burden that has been consuming you.

You are important, your welfare is the main thing. Do not put yourself in a second place.

Learning has its advantages

If you want to learn, you can not run

Learning has many advantages. We will gain in experience, we will know not to trip over the same stone again and it will help us to mature.

If we know how to stop, reflect and face our difficulties, we will learn to do it every time we see our diminished happiness, our well-being destroyed.

Because it will not be the first or the last time we have to deal with any adverse circumstance for which we are not prepared.

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Life is a succession of eventualities that escape our control and whose objective is to challenge us, to put us to the test, to allow us to choose.

You decide whether to stop and be happy or to run forward until a wall rises in front of you with a “Stop it!” Sign.

Learning is hard, because it will always be the result of something negative, which we do not like. However, we need it.

If you want to learn, you can not run