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Infusions for bad digestions

Bad digestion or indigestion is the inability to correctly process the food consumed and occurs slowly.

We should not confuse ourselves with dyspepsia, since it is occasional and lasts only a short time.

In this article we offer you a guide with the best infusions to alleviate the bad digestions. If you suffer from this problem you can take advantage of the benefits of nature to placate it .

Why do we have bad digestions?

Infusions for bad digestions

The reasons why we can experience indigestion are varied. Among the most frequent are:

Diseases in the digestive system

The presence of ulcers in the stomach is the main condition, but not the only one. It can also be due to stones in the gallbladder, gastritis , cancer of the pancreas or stomach and reflux.

In this last case, irritation also occurs that damages the stomach and esophagus walls, which makes them more vulnerable to pain after eating.

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Eating habits

Surely you have heard the phrase “we are what we eat”. We could make a different version that says “we get sick as we eat” and be totally certain.

Eating an unbalanced diet, rich in fats or heavy foods increases the chances of suffering from poor digestion .

In turn, eating very quickly, “chopping” between meals, eating lots of vegetables, drinking coffee and chewing gum are among the main triggers of indigestion.

A separate mention deserves intolerance to certain foods (the best known is lactose) and food incompatibility (combining foods such as cold water and hot soup is not good for the stomach).

Drugs or toxic substances

Infusions for bad digestions

Another reason why we may suffer from indigestion problems is the use of antibiotics or powerful drugs such as antidepressants, anti-inflammatories and corticosteroids. In the case of toxic substances we should avoid tobacco .

Psychological problems

We are referring to stress, nerves, anxiety or personal problems. All this influences our digestion. For this reason when, for example, we are angry or sad the food “we do not like it”.

Infusions to relieve indigestion

One of the remedies of our grandmothers when our stomach hurts or the food has made us feel bad is: “to have a tea”.

The bad digestion can be reduced and the typical symptoms to treat if we consume some of the infusions that we will tell you next:

Green Tea

The benefits of this infusion are many and the majority is related to the digestive system.

To begin, we must know that it is an excellent substitute for coffee and you can drink cold or hot according to the time of year (or our particular tastes).

Green tea is antioxidant, favors the work of gastric juices and therefore facilitates digestion .

As if that were not enough, it has the capacity to reduce the gases and inflammatory processes. You can have a cup of green tea in the morning, another in the afternoon and a third before bed . It is available in bags or in threads.

Chamomile with anise

Infusions for bad digestions

It is considered as an antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory plant that serves to relieve stomach pain, reduce the sensation of heaviness and expel gases.

As chamomile is a soothing plant it works well when indigestion is caused by nerves or anxiety. And at the same time it’s very rich! Drink two cups a day and you will see the results.


This plant native to the Mediterranean Sea and used in gastronomy also has therapeutic benefits that are worth noting.

Its consumption is recommended because it stimulates digestive secretions, reduces flatulence and indigestion and reduces spasmodic hiccups.

Taking a tisane dill can be an ideal option if you suffer from stomach pains after eating. The recommended dose is up to two cups a day.


Infusions for bad digestions

It is used as a culinary ingredient but it can also help us improve bad digestions. It diminishes the swelling of the belly when expelling gases, treats colics and gastrointestinal disorders, at the same time that it provides us satiety.

Within the group of digestive plants fennel is the softest and is usually combined with cumin and anise.

Do not hesitate to try it if it is the first time you have indigestion.


If you suffer very strong pains in the stomach or intestines you have to consume the infusion of this plant because it contains a good amount of flavonoids (which help improve digestion and intestinal transit).

It can also be used for nausea and heartburn. It has diuretic properties and stimulates liver function.

You can get yarrow in the diet and naturist houses and make an infusion to drink daily. And enjoy all its benefits!

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It has been used for centuries to improve digestion due to its antispasmodic and carminative properties. It is very good to relieve diarrhea, cramps, flatulence and vomiting.

It is convenient to consume your infusion at night. A cup before sleeping and goodbye to heavy stomach and nightmares or insomnia.

Other plants that can help you alleviate bad digestions are angelica, green anise, lemon balm, rooibos and marjoram.

Infusions for bad digestions