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Infusions to treat kidney stones or grit

The accumulation of salts (in the form of oxalates generally), produce kidney stones that the kidney can not eliminate correctly. In the case that these calculations are small or are grit (very small stones), you do not need to perform surgery.

Natural treatments

The natural treatments that are based on infusions of medicinal plants usually give excellent results, and in some cases they surpass the synthetic drugs indicated to eliminate the stones (in the case that they are small enough so as not to obstruct the urinary tract when crossing them).

In many opportunities it is advisable to combine both treatments (pharmacological and home) to obtain better results . In any case, the infusions prepared at home are natural and do not present contraindications, as long as they are taken in the correct dose and with the suggested frequency.

Infusion to eliminate kidney stones with horsetail

Horsetail has a high potassium content and for that reason helps produce urine. This has as a consequence the facilitation of the expulsion of stones or sand from the organism.

Preparation of the infusion: mix the herbs horsetail, bistort, barberry and shepherd’s bag in equal parts. The infusion is done using one tablespoon rasa for each cup of water. The best time to take this infusion to eliminate kidney stones is fasting. If after a few days of doing this treatment there are no improvements, you should also repeat the process at night. That is, it is recommended, in that case, consume a cup in the morning, when getting up, and another cup before retiring to the night rest.

Infusion to favor the elimination of small kidney stones with hypericum

To prepare this infusion you need to mix in equal parts the following herbs: St. John’s wort, rosemary, tormentilla, birch and heather. To prepare the herbal tea you have to use two teaspoons of dessert of this mixture. It should preferably be taken in the morning (one cup) and, if necessary, another one can be taken again at night.

Infusions to treat kidney grit with bearberry (uva ursi)

The existence of stones or grit often causes an infection of the urinary tract, which, in turn, in many opportunities, can be complicated by the formation of bacterial colonies. The Ursi or Bearberry grape works as an antiseptic of the urinary tract. The following medicinal infusions combine it with other diuretic plants that help eliminate kidney stones.

First infusion: mix 15 grams of bearberry, 15 grams of lemon balm, 15 grams of water clover and 25 grams of linden. Prepare a tea with a spoonful of this mixture. Take one cup daily (or two, if necessary).

If you are hypotensive, keep in mind that linden is a strong hypotensive (generates a drop in blood pressure), so you should consume this infusion considering this situation and consult with your doctor before.

Second infusion: prepare an infusion by mixing 20 grams of bearberry (uva ursi), 20 grams of sage, 10 grams of lovage (mountain celery) and 10 grams of mint . The tea is prepared using a tablespoon of the mixture per cup of water. The ideal time to have this tea is in the morning, fasting.

If you suffer from kidney stones or grit, you should start taking these infusions, since its consumption could mean a remarkable improvement of your problem. In addition, these natural infusions do not counteract the effect of the medications that your doctor has prescribed. On the contrary, in most cases these infusions help to alleviate negative symptoms and achieve the expulsion of the stones and grit that are in the kidney, affecting your health.

What are you waiting to prepare these infusions?

Note: the information provided on this site is informative and in no case intended to replace the personal consultation with a doctor.

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Infusions to treat kidney stones or grit