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Home infusions to reduce fat in the abdomen

There are many habits to burn fat, among which obviously includes a good diet, , beauty treatments, among others. Combining all this we can achieve a balanced, healthy weight and that makes us look better. However, there are certain areas of the body where more fat is located than normal and it is usually more difficult to eliminate it , so we will have to focus more on those parts. There is no doubt that one of the areas of the body where more fat accumulates is the abdomen. This is one

Do you know red tea, pu erh?

Pu erh red tea is one of the most recommended infusions for health. Its effects on the energy and organs of our body make it a cult tea, and due to the marketing campaign it has suffered at present, it is the fashion tea par excellence. Red tea is obtained from the same plant as green tea, but undergoes a fermentation process that can be extended over time, influencing its quality and price. BENEFITS OF RED TEA Natural slimming One of the properties of red tea, if not the

Tea and infusions: what does each one serve

You consume them daily, but surely you do not know the great variety that you have available or what their properties are. In the following article you will find a complete guide with most of the tea and infusions and what each one of them serves. May you never be lacking in the kitchen! Types and properties of tea Green Tea It is a natural medicine where you look, it is considered the healthiest and the one that gives more advantages than any other kind of tea (especially fermented).

Juices and infusions to cure throat pain

The sore throat can appear for several reasons: changes in temperature, allergies, viruses, bacteria ... It is a painful and very annoying process, as well as a risk to our health in case it reaches an infection or tonsillitis. We provide you with simple juices and infusions where you can find relief. There are people more sensitive than others. The air conditioning for example is a great inductor of sore throat, changes in temperature and changes in season always bring that previous itching, which almost always results in a stinging that bothers us so

Infusions to relieve irritable bowel

Irritable bowel syndrome is more common in women. The clear causes are not known, but its reality, its incidence, is usually very painful and affects the day to day for several weeks and even months. For this reason we want to offer you natural remedies through medicinal plants that will serve you as a relief. Medicinal herbs are usually highly recommended to treat the effects of irritable bowel. Anyway, if you have any questions you can always check with your doctor. Read also: Medicinal herbs to treat irritable