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Interior decoration in tropical style: everything you need to know

Do you like the tropical style? Surely transport you to enjoyment, holidays, joy and moments of relaxation. The good thing is that all these sensations can be transferred to the

It is a new trend that is characterized by the contribution of colors and an exotic decoration that inspires peace and harmony. A new way to connect with nature without leaving home. It is applied to each room of the house since it is very versatile and easy to adapt. It can be renewed little by little and make small changes, or, make major changes in some environments.

This type of decoration so happy, colorful and, at the same time, relaxing, will positively influence the mood. After a difficult day of work, getting home and finding tranquility will bring back memories of pleasant times and keep worries away.

Tropical style, what you should know

In order to transport the Caribbean to a home, simply follow the steps that we will give below. They adapt to all environments: living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. And, later, small changes can be made to see if the style pleases or not.

Interior decoration in tropical style: everything you need to know


This is the most important detail of the tropical style. They really invite you to dream of a blue sea, with lush vegetation in all shades of green and animals with bright colors. It is advisable to use all primary colors very strongly. They are very well combined and fill each place with life. For this you can add:

  • Mats of strong colors combined.
  • Cushions of different colors, shapes and textures.
  • Place on a wall a tapestry with a drawing of a tropical bird or some exotic bird.
  • Large and small pots of different colors.
  • Wallpaper on a wall with large green leaves.
  • Fill the rooms with colorful flowers and enjoy their beauty and the aroma of them.
  • Another trend that is fashionable is to add pink color to the tropical color. With small details, but well marked, you will achieve a perfect combination of colors.

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Objects with decorations of tropical plants

Another element that must be present is the tropical vegetation. In all its variants of plants and leaves with different shapes and sizes. They can be added in different decoration elements. In addition, they add color and connect with nature.

  • Leaves of plants as decoration.
  • Decorative elements, such as tableware or vases that have drawings of green leaves.
  • Cushions with plants decorated or painted by hand.
  • Place tablecloths with vegetation drawings on the table.
  • Add to a wall a tapestry that represents the tropical vegetation .

Tropical animals

Tropical animals such as: exotic birds, colorful fish and parrots can be incorporated into small details, which will radically change the aesthetics of the place since they are very colorful and transmit joy. It is advisable to choose striking tones.

  • Add several sheets of exotic birds or goldfish.
  • Decorative accessories of parrots or flamingos.
  • Use curtains, tablecloths or blankets with drawings of tropical animals.
Interior decoration in tropical style: everything you need to know

Add natural materials

Light colored wooden furniture complements this type of decoration perfectly. You can add small furniture or wicker or bamboo details. If you do not want to make big changes, you can add a wooden lamp or a chair; that will give a change towards the tropical.

Plants to achieve a tropical style

A good idea is to place plants of different species and sizes to obtain a space converted into a tropical forest. There are many advantages offered by vegetation inside a house, as it transports nature and all its benefits.

A highly recommended plant is the palm in a large pot. You can also place several hanging plants and take advantage of different green colors to achieve a stunning visual image. The more plants and greens are added, the better.

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With these tips you will be able to transfer all the color and joy of tropical environments to a home. In addition, it will bring to mind images of calm seas and dream beaches. If you want to live in a tropical paradise but you can not, do not hesitate to choose this type of decoration.

Interior decoration in tropical style: everything you need to know