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Is it advisable to wake the baby to feed him?

Many parents wonder if they should wake the baby to feed him or not. If you are a new parent, surely you have already asked yourself this question. You do not have to worry: the themes of sleep and food always cause that kind of doubt among parents.

Today there are conflicting opinions. On the one hand, some say that it is necessary for babies to feed every 2 to 4 hours without fail . Even, under the duty of awakening the little ones. However, in this article we will analyze if it is advisable to awaken the baby to feed him or not.

How much should a baby sleep?

First of all, we should know about healthy sleeping habits in babies. This will help to determine whether or not to wake them while they sleep or if this affects their development.

Is it advisable to wake the baby to feed him?

Babies sleep most of the day, 16 hours on average . They usually wake up every 2 or 3 hours to eat, although this is not a rule.

In fact, there are numerous cases of babies who sleep more than 3 hours. This is normal, because each child can be totally different.

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The dream during the first months

During the first two months of life, the dream depends on the hunger and satiety of the baby. For that reason, each child marks his own rhythm to sleep. Until two months after eating, the child starts active sleep and should not be awakened.

Active sleep usually lasts 30 to 40 minutes; in fact, it can be identified because the baby seems restless, but it is very normal. After this phase, the baby enters a period of deep sleep, known as “tranquil sleep.”

It is important to recognize that the increase in sleep times and that the accumulation of sleep towards night hours usually starts from 4 to 6 months. Until then, the child’s sleep and wake cycle is already dependent on circadian rhythm and light or dark.

In short, children stabilize their sleep rhythms little by little ; in fact, they will resemble the cycles of an adult and parents can sleep better.

The rhythm of feeding

As we have already mentioned, the feeding cycle usually lasts about 3 hours . During this time, the babies wake up, cry, feed them and go back to sleep. Also keep in mind that crying is not always due to hunger.

Although the period of 3 hours has remained as a reference, it is still only a statistic. There are babies who need to feed more often or there are babies who need to be awakened by sleeping a lot.

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Under what conditions is it advisable to wake up the baby to feed him?

Is it advisable to wake the baby to feed him?

If a baby has good sleep habits and maintains an appropriate weight for his age, then it is not necessary to wake him up to eat. However, there are situations in which it is necessary to do so; In fact, this depends on the age, weight and health of the baby .

In the case of newborn babies , they lose part of their weight in the first days while they sleep . This is because the process of establishing breastfeeding has not yet begun. In addition, your stomach admits very little amount of food per shot.

As you see, it is very important that the newborn eat frequently. Therefore, it is very safe that you have to wake up a couple of times in the day (especially if it has little weight or was premature).

On the other hand, parents should not be strictly guided by the watch or the child’s cry. Crying is just a late sign that the baby is hungry . If you notice that the child is restless, moves his lips or makes sucking movements, it is very likely that you should feed him.

Other factors that you should consider

Once the baby has reached his weight and shows signs of increase, then it is appropriate to wait for him to wake up on his own and ask for food .

You do not have to worry about how much they eat or how often, but for more important development factors such as:

  • Weight gain steadily and stable
  • If you look satisfied between each meal
  • Wet six or more diapers per day
  • Defeca three or more times a day

If your baby does not meet any of these points, it is advisable to visit the doctor. This will help the specialist to check the child more closely. In addition, you can receive the necessary instructions and avoid risks in your little one.

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Is it advisable to wake the baby to feed him?


In summary, unless it is premature, has little weight or is not in good health, it is not advisable to wake up the baby to feed it. If your little one is healthy and sleepy, do not worry: let him sleep as long as he needs.

It is good to allow the baby to sleep, as this will help him grow physically and develop good sleep habits. On the other hand, it is time that you will be able to use to rest a little or to do some slope. Is not it really a pleasure to sleep?

Is it advisable to wake the baby to feed him?