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Is it good to sleep on the floor?

In Asian countries sleeping on the ground is a habit that is part of the ancestral culture . It is a custom that has many more benefits than you can believe and that should not be underestimated.

Sleep on the floor like the Japanese

The Japanese culture is really fascinating. Not only because it is very different from ours but because it differs from other countries conquered by the

The Japanese use a futon or tatami, which consists of a mat filled with rice straw and with green fabrics on the edges, to sleep on the ground. With this, the futon acquires the function of a bed as well as other “low” furniture, such as, for example, cushions.

Traditionally, Japanese homes are built on foundations a few centimeters above the ground, therefore, their main feature is to be insulators for both cold and heat.

For the Japanese, the soil is a “sacred” space and, therefore, sleeping, eating or resting close to it are spiritual practices

While the new Japanese generations are leaving aside the habit of sleeping on the ground, on the other hand, this habit is increasingly recurrent in Western culture due to the

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Advantages of sleeping on the floor

The benefits of sleeping on the floor are related to the health of the body and, at the same time, to the coexistence and harmony of the home. And is that the fact of taking out of the closet a futon made a roll and extend it on the floor at bedtime can be very good in several aspects:

1. It promotes relaxation

Is it good to sleep on the floor?

When we lie down on a mattress the body tends to “sink” and that generates tensions and muscular when in a flat place, rest is superior , since bones and muscles do not have to “worry” about maintaining stability. The smooth and hard surface of the tatami will prevent you from feeling like a sore robot in the morning.

2. It has more space

Western beds are large and in many cases occupy a good part of the room especially if we live in a small apartment. In Japan, housing is also tiny, so we can take your example.

The futon can be stored in any piece of furniture during the day and only used at night. The rest of the time, the environment will be free for other activities. On the other hand, the tatamis have a great facility of change and transfer.

3. It is more economical

Is it good to sleep on the floor?

To buy a mat like the one used by the Japanese is much cheaper than buying a bed. Also, you do not need a mattress and only some bedding. Ideal for tight budgets if we move alone for example.

4. Take up less space in the home

If for example your family or friends come to visit and it is getting late for them to return to their homes, they most often sleep on the sofa in the living room. If we have additional tatamis , these can be displayed anywhere in the house (for example, in the studio) with more privacy.

5. Line up the hips

Is it good to sleep on the floor?

If you are a person who usually sleeps sideways it is likely that your hips are unbalanced. This in turn causes imbalances at the muscular level and poor posture, which is why it is likely that your do not suffer so many contractures.

6. Balances the shoulders

Is it good to sleep on the floor?

It happens the same as with the , bad postures are corrected and muscle aches , contractures and tensions are avoided . It can also lead to chronic bone headaches or deviations. Nothing better than sleeping on the ground to reverse this situation.

7. Combat lumbago

Low back pain and discomfort are one of the most common problems today. Since we spend many hours on the desk in front of the the spine will be more straight and relaxed, therefore, the pain will be reduced especially in the lower back.

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8. Take care of the posture

The floor is straight, without ripples like a “common” mattress. With the passage of time the western beds take the shape of the body of the wearer. On the other hand, on the When this happens, you rest much better and not only that, but you also do not adopt postures that will then hurt all day.

9. Get enough sleep

Just listen to the alarm clock “jump” of the futon with all the recharged energies to start the day in the best way. It’s not because you were uncomfortable (maybe at the beginning, but only until you get used to it), but because in those hours of sleep you have rested correctly. Try sleeping on the floor for a few days and you will notice many changes.

Is it good to sleep on the floor?