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Is it good to use a flat shoe every day?

Your feet hurt and you do not know why . You do exercises very often, warm up and stretch before and after doing it. The rest of the time you use the car to get around. At home you wear the shoes of a lifetime …

In spite of everything, the pain persists. You do not know what to do anymore, but that annoying twinge does not let you enjoy your day to day as you would like. Where is the problem?

Maybe you are wearing the wrong shoes. In general, almost everyone knows that wearing heels daily is harmful and, therefore, some people have decided to reduce their use.

However, few know the negative consequences of wearing a flat shoe . A priori, it is more comfortable and it seems that the foot suffers less. However it is not always so.

Look at the sole of the

When when we wear a flat shoe continuously, we check out the area .

Therefore, if we do not vary the height of our shoes, we will be inflicting a punishment on the body that will have consequences in the place where all our

Consequences of wearing flat shoes daily

Is it good to use a flat shoe every day?

The trigger of all evils is called It is a condition that occurs when we damage the tendon that connects the heel with the anterior part of the foot .

This can be damaged when we put on a flat shoe every day, since it does not adapt to the shape of the bow. The foot suffers a lot because, in reality, it is our last support.

  • This pathology can be perceived almost with the naked eye: it diminishes the height that separates the ground from the highest point of our feet.
  • To summarize, we will say that wearing this type of footwear could culminate in a flat-footed box .

As we said, the lower extremities are very important in balance. In this line, the failure produced here, others follow in the muscles, due to the extra effort that is forced to do.

While some are freed from work, others have to take charge of that activity. Thus, there are a series of inflammations that cause severe back, hip,

In addition, this difficulty is exacerbated when we unconsciously change our way of walking to try to reduce the discomfort .

Far from achieving what we propose, what we achieve in intensifying the condition, given that we adopt an unnatural position.

  • Think about this: when a muscle becomes inflamed, it displaces the bone that covers it and this movement causes another to become irritated, so that the process expands without our noticing.

How to take care of the feet

If wearing

Use templates

Is it good to use a flat shoe every day?

Fortunately, orthopedic products are becoming more affordable every day. Likewise, the businesses related to this branch of medicine have multiplied.

It is best to use one that provides a height of 1 or 2 cm.

Change footwear

As with almost everything, the excesses are not good. The midpoint is the most recommended. Keeping this in mind, we advise you to vary the type of shoe you wear every day or every two .

In this way, the feet will live moments of effort and rest, so that their forces will be optimized. Thanks to this, we will achieve a postural hygiene that will benefit all our tissues.

Use house slippers with silicone insole

Is it good to use a flat shoe every day?

The time we spend at home is also important. We have to take care of ourselves at all times and anywhere. Therefore, we should also be cautious with

Most are usually flat, so it is desirable to incorporate a silicone template with the same characteristics as those used in street shoes .

In any case, we want to make clear that, although the flat shoe is healthier than the heels, we should take into account how our bone structure is.

In this way we can adapt our dresses and accessories to these characteristics, since it is not a question of comfort, but of health.

Being comfortable or feeling beautiful can not be an obstacle to our well-being.

Is it good to use a flat shoe every day?