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Is it possible to eliminate pain immediately?

For the human being it is very important that there is a complete balance between the mind, the body and the spirit, three aspects that always have to remain united, can not be separated from one another.

This is something that the chiropractic doctor, shaolin teacher Kam Yuen , says, for whom it is possible to reach a higher state of well-being. This scientist of aerospace engineering who worked for has just presented the Yuen method in Spain.

This is a technique by which both Chinese medicine and current concepts of philosophy, anatomy, biochemistry, psychology and quantum physics can be combined.

The Yuen method is specifically dedicated to measuring and scrutinizing the energy plan and tries to strengthen the weaknesses that may exist in our body . According to this theory, the organism is like a combination that unites different energy systems, which in turn have several circuits and connections, which are managed by a central bio-computer.

Physical and mental illnesses, in addition to worries, are caused by the disconnection of energies that produce different biochemical and mechanical reactions, which are responsible for stalling all systems. When this happens it is necessary to ” reprogram ” our central computer, which is located in the spinal cord, trying in this way to balance our mind, body and spirit.

Is it possible to eliminate pain immediately?

It is necessary to learn to develop the ability we all have to discover the weaknesses that can affect our body, as well as to correct those weaknesses to eliminate and correct those ailments.

The results can be so extraordinary that in many opportunities they can be seen as miracles, but the reality is quite simple. Most people only use a small part of the left hemisphere of the brain, seeing the aspects of life in a very logical way.

The Yuen method is based on intuition, through this method you can relieve pain, calm the stress, even rejuvenate; You can also increase finances and completely eliminate all pain that has physical or mental causes. Everything can be controlled by knowing how to use the brain, since everything is in the mind.

“Only in this way can we become prosperous in life,” says Dr. Yuen, who has treated more than 300,000 people, helping them solve all kinds of health and prosperity problems, all through full knowledge of himself and learning to control emotions, which in most cases are the cause of many diseases.

Is it possible to eliminate pain immediately?