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Is it possible to find the love of your life in Tinder?

Find the love of your life in Tinder: a goal a bit difficult but increasingly frequent . While a large number of people use these social applications to meet other people, love goes further.

As in bars or offices, in Tinder there are those who only want adventures and who are looking for a partner. For this reason you have to have defined what you are looking for and know how to look in the profiles. There are always signs to discover the users that can best congenialize.

Meet the frequent pitfalls when you are looking for the love of your life in Tinder

You have to have some special care before embarking on the adventure of making an appointment with someone you know in a social application.

1. False profiles

Technology brings people closer to the cardinal points, preferences and common goals. But it is also true that many create users with false information and do not take their sayings seriously.

Is it possible to find the love of your life in Tinder?

Cheating is part of the fun of those who hide behind these profiles. Although it is not always easy to detect, we must be very attentive to the conversations . Surely signs appear with the passage of time.

Different answers to the same question or what was published in the biography, inconsistencies in the dialogues or absolute perfection . Three clues that there is something strange there.

2. The image is not everything

Although photographs are the ones that provide the first impact, they are not everything. Behind that handsome can hide a person who has nothing to do with you . Once the contact is made, it is necessary to have more personal conversations to detect a connection.

On the other hand, do not forget that the photographs can be fraudulent or from third parties. If they advance in the relationship, a video call is advisable before an appointment.

Is it possible to find the love of your life in Tinder?

3. Behind those great men, there are only children playing

Tinder is an application aimed at people over 18 years old, although cheating exists. Many minors have their own profile with adulterated age . And this can cause great waste of time in those who seek the love of their life in Tinder.

Again it is essential to inquire about the true age. They will think that they can also lie and they are right. So, looking for conversation topics with specific facts from another era could be a good method.

Characteristics of relationships in Tinder

You have to understand and accept that contacts, at least at the beginning, are not mostly to get something formal. A high percentage is looking for virtual friends or people to have sexual encounters.

Everything seems to go perfectly while both are giving the other what he is interested in reading or seeing. Now, when one does not feel very satisfied, the most likely thing is to pass on to another user and that’s it.

It’s simple , the application is based on immediacy to meet some needs . An extensive catalog of candidates to choose from is presented. A great virtual casting that has no guarantee of reality.

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Spend an appointment with the future love of your life in Tinder

Once you think you are sure that you are the person you claim to be and agree to know each other personally, there are also factors to analyze.

1. A contact by another means

Try to have contacts through other means such as the telephone or video calls. It is a good point to feel your voice and recognize yourself with other senses such as hearing. Keep your phone number and always leave the test at home or a friend.

It is not about paranoia, but you have to take precautions before you meet someone who is not really known.

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2. Balancing expectations previously

Before giving in to meet in person, it is good to know what the expectations of both are . This prevents you from living an adverse situation that generates frustration. Or that, one advances believing in a future while another just wants to hang out.

The individual desires to know the love of your life in Tinder can cause some denial in the facts. And this causes immediate discomfort or resentment in the immediate future.


Finding the love of your life in Tinder is possible but it is not usual . There are testimonies of people who have known each other and formed a family. Although there are many more experiences of casual sexual encounters.

Is it possible to find the love of your life in Tinder?