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Is love old or not?

Many people deny the fact that love is old and yet they are too scrupulous in this regard when they are encouraged to start a relationship.

This happens because we are still wearing different prejudices in our heads that tell us things like “when you are older you will be an old man”, “what will happen when reality hits you with the door in your nose?”

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The truth is that there is no need to be afraid of a relationship because of the age that our partner may have. It is better to let yourself go and guide the heart .

Are you worried about the “what will they say”?

Is love old or not?

Sometimes the fact that a relationship breaks up is not because of age, but because in our minds we have always believed that everything would go wrong .

Society tells you, your friends too and, although you do not want to admit it, they have influenced you in an important way.

However, why at first it seems that everything will go ahead? Because everything is easier in the first moments, where idealization and expectations transport us to a world full of dreams and illusion.

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In these moments everything is possible. However, when the bandage falls out of our eyes, we begin to be afraid of “what they will say”.

Even if you do not want to accept it, there are several concerns that will start to haunt you:

  • When you are older you will have to take care of it: This is one of the first ideas that comes to mind.

However, you can also go out with someone of your same age and make an accident dependent on you for life. The difference is that one circumstance is due to an accident and the other to a natural cause.

Is it in love that this should matter?

  • He is more mature than you: The age he puts on our birth record does not indicate what we have .

Someone of 40 years can be very immature, on the other hand a person of 20 years can be especially mature. Age is just a number and does not reflect the maturity of a person.

  • It will stop attracting you: Beware! Physical attraction is important, but true love is not based on this .

We all end up losing our physical attributes. However, when someone wants you for how you are, this does not matter.

He has fallen in love with your interior, because the exterior is just a wrapper that over time everyone ends up deteriorating.

Is love old or not?

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Love is old if you put it on

With all this, we come to the conclusion that love is old if you wear it and if you let yourself be carried away by prejudices and beliefs that do not have to be fulfilled in your case.

Think of the number of times you have been told that opposite poles attract each other. Surely among some couples this has been the case, but in many others the expected has not happened.

It is necessary to try to free ourselves from all those beliefs that will prevent us from enjoying a pure, healthy and natural love.

Love is old if you think this is true. An age conditioned by the physical and health. Meanwhile, what is really important should be underestimated: love at its best .

It does not matter if someone of 20 falls in love with someone who is 40 years old or older. What really matters is that they are happy and they love each other.

What will happen tomorrow? Nobody knows, but what we can not guarantee is that everything will end.

Because being very old is not synonymous with breaking up . If so, then those who are closest in years are more likely to stay together?

Is love old or not?

Before leaving, do not forget that love is in the small details

To consider true that love has an age is a way of limiting it and putting conditions before it even appears and makes you change your mind.

Love flows, it is unexpected, it surprises us and allows us to learn. Do not put barriers on him or try to stop him if he does not appear in those circumstances and under that prototype that you had imagined in your head.

To believe that love has an age is like saying that it has an end point , when perhaps it is an experience that lasts all of life, against all odds, clearly unfortunate.

Is love old or not?