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Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

Something that we all want is to be able to exercise our body in a simple and quick way to get a good firmness in the area of ​​the abdomen .

Now, to achieve this, to get that flat stomach , we need to follow a good diet and first of all, be constant.

However, you will like to know that it is not always mandatory to go to a gym or make use of complex machines to work our abs.

Actually, and curious as it may seem, you only need four minutes and a quiet and clear area in your room or lounge.

Do you think it is a false miracle? Another strategy of a fitness guru seeking notoriety with his novel remedies? Absolutely.

We speak of the so-called Tabata method, devised by a Japanese researcher that we wish to speak to you today in our space.

We are sure that you will be useful and interesting.

The Tabata protocol: brief but intense training

Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

Izumi Tabata is a Japanese scientist who, today, stands as a reference in the world of Sports Science.

It was in the 90s when, thanks to one of the best ways to lose weight and achieve muscle strength was through the combination of aerobic activity with anaerobic activity .

  • He designed a very specific exercise routine which he called the Tabata protocol . It was used successfully in many gyms, and even several Olympic athletes put it into practice and achieved good results.
  • However, a few years later it fell into oblivion until, very recently, the producer Universal Pictures asked him to make a series of documentaries that would be released on DVD so that the population could learn their method.

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In summary, and in broad strokes, the Tabata protocol or method is based on the following axes:

  • The aim is, above all, to ensure that the pumping of the heart is maintained at a high rate while combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
  • The metabolism of anaerobic exercises will make our muscles need more energy than breathing can offer , therefore, we burn more fat .
  • The idea is to do intense exercises in short periods of time. This information is something that, without a doubt, should invite us to “go carefully”.

In case that we are not accustomed to perform exercises of great intensity, it is best to go to a gym to advise us .

However, as regards the Tabata Abdominal Table, they can be done at home at a more sedate pace and respecting our limitations.

How to get a flatter abdomen with this Japanese method

Every good athlete knows that performing short intense exercises improves their cardiovascular capacity. If we carry them out at appropriate intervals and every day, in only two months we will see very positive results.

However, remember: we must be constant and take care at all times not to exceed beyond our own capabilities. If you get too tired or feel dizzy, you need to stop.

However, in reality, it would be enough to dedicate four minutes of our time to these simple exercises. Something very easy

We explain how to carry it out.

1. Start warming up a little

It is not appropriate to do high intensity exercises without having warmed up. It is enough to skip a few seconds or perform simple leg or waist stretches .

In this way, we will avoid as much as possible, whiplash in the back or overloading the legs.

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2. Tighten your abdomen

As you will see these exercises require a remarkable effort.

  • After having warmed up, we will lie on the floor and lift our legs about 30 centimeters .
  • Put your hands under the nape of the neck and also raise your head .
  • Try to maintain this position for 20 seconds. Resist!
Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

3. Small jumps

In this exercise we must also take special care. If you have back problems, it will not be appropriate for you to do it.

  • Stand up and with your knees together.
  • Now, take imposed and jump.
  • When you “land” do it with your legs separated and flexed.
  • Then, in that same position, jump again to stand with your knees together.
  • Repeat for 20 seconds.
Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

3. Push-ups with something else

Now we start the most classic exercise par excellence: Flexions! However, to harden the abdomen much more, the Tabata method recommends us to do the following:

  • When you are face down and with your arms supporting your body, bend the knee to stick it to the chest . Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Next, repeat the same with the other leg.
Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

5. Abs and resistance

The last exercise is easy to carry out.

  • Lie down and stretch your arms .
  • Now shrink your body while doing the abdominal , while you hug your knees and bring them to chest height.
  • Repeat as fast as you can for 20 seconds.
Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes

To conclude, as you can see the exercises are easy to carry out, but they require resistance and speed.

The ideal is to do a series with these exercises over 4 minutes at a good pace and without stopping.

Put on music and take it out every day, but always be careful to respect your limits. After a few weeks your abdomen will look firm and smooth.

You dare?

Japanese method to harden your abdomen in just 4 minutes