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Antioxidant shakes of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts

> There are some foods that can tremendously stimulate the body if consumed on a regular basis. This is due to the large amount of antioxidants they possess , which help delay the aging process, among other things. Would you like to start the full day of energy to face the tasks and duties of the day? Then you will be interested in knowing how to prepare these exquisite natural smoothies , with unique flavors, which will provide more than healthy nutrients for the body. Antioxidant Blend of Tea, Nuts and Red

17 Curative, purifying and energizing drinks ideal for every day

It is not the same to drink a coffee in the morning as in the evening, or a fruit juice at noon than in the afternoon. Each activity requires a special drink, although water is always the most advisable. In the following note you will know which are the best drinks for each moment of the day (according to the objective you have). To make muscle Milk. This dairy food contains a good dose of casein and whey proteins, with the essential and fundamental amino acids to be able to build

5 best aphrodisiac drinks

In general, we believe that a romantic dinner or that some goodies can be the trigger of pleasure. However, there are also aphrodisiac drinks with which to arouse the interest of your partner. After all, an evening in a couple does not have to be always the same or have the same elements. In other words, to be successful, there is no reason to always resort to the same formula of: candles, music, wine and dinner. The following aphrodisiac drinks that we propose are very easy to prepare. In addition, once

4 natural smoothies to treat hypertension

Hypertension, or high tension, is that silent evil that advances bringing serious consequences. It is worthwhile to carry out continuous check-ups and improve our habits of life. Incorporating these tasty smoothies into your diet will greatly help you reduce your hypertension. You dare? 1. Hypertension, a silent enemy If your doctor has diagnosed you as having high blood pressure , you will undoubtedly have proposed to change some things in your life. Some people do not receive medication and are simply instructed to do some exercise, change their

Prepare your own fruit granita

A fruit granita is a refreshing drink that is prepared with the juice of the selected fruit and a generous amount of crushed ice. It should be noted that this is a very healthy option for the high temperature season, so you can already say goodbye to the refreshments. In addition, they are prepared in a very easy way, so the method really does not vary much but the ingredients. A slush lemonade, an iced mint tea and a rich fruit slush always come in handy when you're thirsty. Not only moisturize and

Juices to strengthen the immune system

We could say that the immune system of people is like an army that is prepared to defend "the front" of enemies, which are no more than diseases of any origin. If our immune system is not in good condition, then we are more likely to catch a cold or other more serious disorder. Increase defenses, prevent diseases When the immune system is well "armed", at the slightest threat that appears it can go out to attack, be it a virus, a bacterium, etc. Otherwise, if they are weakened or are smaller

Delicious mandarin mojito to fight the heat

Citrus fruits are one of the most requested fruits during the summer due to their ability to refresh and nourish us in a short time. Therefore, in American films we do not stop children with their classic kiosk selling frozen lemonades. Of course, to combat the heat, you not only have lemonade: there are many more options to drink and one of them is the mandarin mojito. A mandarin mojito is, really, a little whim that we grant ourselves at a certain moment. Its delicious and refreshing flavor encourages us to enjoy summer

5 delicious and nutritious smoothies that will help you lose weight

Did you know that there are a lot of delicious and nutritious shakes to lose weight? And that besides this, most are sweet? Keep reading and know 5 of these delicious drinks with their respective recipe that you can not resist to prepare and why not add to the list of your favorite shakes. Peanut butter and banana smoothie This juice to lose weight is ideal as a substitute for a meal. Thanks to peanut butter, you get a lot of protein, it's like a sandwich with peanut butter and banana!

7 Juices to treat anxiety

Having too many responsibilities, overwork, financial problems, organizing the wedding, moving, looking to get pregnant ... all this can cause anxiety. Women are more vulnerable to suffer from this problem than men. The good news is that you can reverse the situation using juice recipes and natural smoothies for anxiety. Recipes of healing anxiety juices Juice of cabbage, carrot and fennel: to make this smoothie you will need ¼ of medium cabbage cut into pieces, 3 large carrots peeled and without the ends and 2 heads of fennel cut into four pieces.

Tips for making the best smoothies

Smoothies, smoothies or shakes are the names with which these rich and very nutritious foods are known , which have had a great amount of followers for years and now are becoming the fashion among those who seek to , eat healthy or quickly prepare your food ... or all together. Although it is recognized the high vitamin value that these drinks can have, it is necessary to remember that a smoothie can be unbalanced if certain precautions are not taken. To avoid that, it is advisable to follow certain tips: Fresh