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Know these 8 mistakes that we make when we get dressed

There are many mistakes we make at the time of dressing that do not contribute anything good to our image, which is why we must pay attention and avoid them at all costs. And no, it’s not about being a victim of fashion but about following the golden rule for everything: balance and harmony.

In general, the most common mistakes are directly related to the ignorance of one’s body, something that always has a solution. We must allow ourselves a moment in front of the mirror and carefully evaluate the characteristics of our body and decide which ones we like the most in order to learn to empower them. In the meantime, it will be necessary to start in the art of disguising what we do not like too much, and learn to live with it.

Next, we will tell you about the mistakes we make when dressing up and how you can beat them. And what is the trick to master this perfectly? Simply pay attention to certain details and not get carried away by the rush.

4 mistakes we make when dressing

1. Being too critical of ourselves

This is the first and most common of all errors. We always tend to be too critical of ourselves and to “punish” ourselves in one way or another for not being like such a model, celebrity or current fighter . As the famous proverb says: we are our toughest judges.

In this sense, the sabotage we make to ourselves can reach levels that, most of the time, do not contribute anything other than negative feelings about ideas that do not help us to be constructive. To avoid falling into it is very important to reinforce what we like about us (and if we still do not know, we must give us the opportunity to find out as soon as possible) and let things flow little by little.

The construction of a positive image and that is consistent with reality is not a task that is achieved on the first attempt. It is not a straight line either, but it is definitely worth going through in order to be able to enjoy

Know these 8 mistakes that we make when we get dressed

2. Give more authority to the opinion of others than to one’s own

In relation to the above, it should be noted that another of the mistakes we make at the time of No need to go to extremes.

You have to know how to set healthy The important thing is not to stop validating our own opinion by the fact that others share their views about our appearance. After all, the most important thing is to be satisfied with ourselves.

3. Succumb to each and every trend

Being a victim of fashion is also another of the mistakes we make most often at the time of dressing. We believe that to get the approval of others, we need to be very, very up-to-date with the trends of the moment. For this reason, we atrophy the filter of selection of trends and we do not adapt to what really favors us. Also, we tend to exaggerate with fashion and, consequently, we do not look like a catwalk, far from it.

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To avoid falling into this, it is very important to learn to let go of some trends since not all of them are made to measure for us. You have to know how to discriminate between what makes us look and feel good and what we do not. As we mentioned earlier, this is a trial and error process in which patience greatly influences.

Know these 8 mistakes that we make when we get dressed

4. Reserve in excess what you do want to use

It is not advisable to reserve those pieces and You have to dress for yourself, to be happy and at ease day by day and not only at specific events.

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Other common mistakes that should be avoided

  • Do not use the right size.
  • Excess of color, prints and accessories.
  • Abuse of sensuality.

In the end, everything is about maintaining a balance and enjoying On the other hand, we must not forget that there are always moments for everything: some to be bold, another to be more reserved, and so on. The most important thing is to be comfortable with ourselves.

Know these 8 mistakes that we make when we get dressed