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Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

The laurel confers flavor to our dishes , calms our mind and health to our organism.

This shrub used since ancient times by all Mediterranean cultures has, today, with the same relevance.

Beyond its classic expectorant properties, the laurel encloses in its strong leaves a resource of benefits for mind and body .

It is a very classic condiment in the kitchen, and its symbolism continues to reflect the “triumph” in many cultures.

The classic laurel wreath is nothing more than the expression of that plant rich in resources, virtues and wonders that we all have within our reach.

It should be remembered, however, that the laurel can not be consumed. We can make infusions , steam , we can put it as a condiment in a rice …

However, when serving that dish or that drink, we must remove the leaves of this plant.

Next, we explain one of its best-known uses: help us fight anxiety.

The properties of laurel to treat anxiety

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

We are before a medicinal plant. In the field of natural treatments, laurel has always been used as a stomach tonic.

It is a good digestive and, in addition, fights all kinds of inflammations. It allows us to better absorb nutrients and, thanks to its fragrance, stimulates the appetite.

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However, as we have indicated before, this plant should not be chewed or swallowed.

It is only toxic if it is ingested in large quantities but, as always when we talk about medicinal plants, the key to their benefit is to consume them in the right and adequate doses.

Let’s see below what properties characterize this royal plant of Mediterranean origin.

Purify your body and regulate your breathing

The laurel is the plant of balance and relaxation .

These characteristics almost “spiritual” what they contain are actually very specific virtues to improve from our circulation, the digestive function and even the liver.

  • The leaves of laurel propitiate an adequate organic balance in our interior that exerts a relaxing power in our mind.
  • La inhalación de los vapores de laurel, por ejemplo, se utiliza desde hace mucho en aromaterapia para tratar las flemas o mucosidades , así como para eliminar las bacterias de las vías respiratorias.

Take care of your heart, it’s a natural relaxing

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

When we suffer anxiety, our brain prepares us to flee or to face a threat.

This warning system exerts a great impact on our heart: it accelerates the heart rate and even tenses our muscles producing overloads.

  • It is common, for example, to feel the classic “pressure” in the chest when we suffer from anxiety. One way to combat these effects is to make use of the laurel leaves (through an infusion or aromatherapy).
  • El ácido cafeico es un compuesto orgánico presente en esta planta que cuida de forma notable de la salud del corazón.

It is also a wonderful antioxidant that fights inflammations, which is also found, for example, in lemons or green tea.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Las hojas de laurel actúan como un calmante muy efectivo. The l inalol, un aceite esencial presente en esta planta, es muy útil para calmar nuestra mente y reducir el nivel de cortisol en sangre .

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La hormona del estrés suele reaccionar muy bien a este tipo de terapias naturales como son la fitoterapia o la aromaterapia.

No obstante, en caso de que tu nivel de ansiedad sea persistente y dure más de un mes, no dudes en consultar con un profesional de la salud.

Este tipo de enfoques son complementarios. Nunca pueden ni deben sustituir a un tratamiento médico .

How to use laurel to treat anxiety

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips

Treatment 1: laurel and cinnamon infusion


  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 bay leaves


  • It is very simple. You just have to take that liter of water to a pot and heat it. Once it reaches a boil, add the cinnamon and the bay leaves.
  • Allow infusions for 20 minutes. After that time, let it rest, at least, half an hour.
  • Afterwards, we will only have to strain the content to stay with the water. You can take it to a glass bottle for better conservation.
  • Take it in small sips, just before your meals.

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Treatment 2: burn laurel leaves

What I need

  • 1 bowl where you can burn these leaves safely
  • 3 dried laurel leaves

How do I do it?

  • Place the three dried laurel leaves in the bowl or container.
  • Go to a quiet room and light with the leaves of laurel with the help of a few matches. Try not to have anyone around you.
  • Lie down and let the magical and relaxing scent of laurel surround you for a few minutes.

When the bay leaves are burned, certain aromatic substances are released that, when inspired, help us recover from fatigue and relax us .

Do not hesitate to try it and see if it works for you.

Laurel against anxiety: a millenary remedy at your fingertips