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Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles

The exercises to achieve an excellent stretch are very important before you start exercising and afterwards. Although many people do not do them, before talking about stretching exercises we will see why they are so necessary.

It is essential that we stretch before exercising because this is how we prepare our body for exercise. The muscles will warm up and be ready to run or muscle …

If you have ever gone to pilates class or any other directed activity you will have noticed that you stretch before you start.

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What happens after the exercise? After physical activity we must also stretch , since the muscles have undergone a tension and now it is time for them to relax.

If we do not do this, we can suffer some injury, cramps and strengthen our shoes.

Now that you know all this, let’s stretch!

E jercicios to achieve an excellent stretch

We are going to do the exercises to achieve an excellent stretch starting from the legs to the head. Each of them should be done without haste and trying to stretch each specific part well .

1. Stretching legs

Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles
  • First, we’ll start with the twins. We will take a big step forward and try to get the foot of the back leg to rest completely on the ground .
  • We will flex whatever we can allow the front leg, while we fix the heel to the ground. In this way, we will stretch the twin.

The other exercise that we are going to perform will focus on stretching the inner part of the thighs.

  • To do this, we will open our legs as much as we can and flex them as if we wanted to do a squat .
  • We can put the hands on the knees to push back the legs and achieve a greater opening.

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  • To finish the leg stretches we will grab a foot with our hands and take it to the gluteus .
  • If we do not notice the stretch we will try to take the leg as high as possible and a little backwards. In this way, we achieve more tension.

2. Gluteal, lumbar and abdominal

Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles

To stretch these 3 areas of the body we will go in parts. We will start by stretching the gluteus, then the lumbar and, finally, the abdominals.

  • Gluteus: we lie on the ground with our arms crossed. We will take the legs to the side and the one above will try to take it as far as possible and let the knee touch the ground .

We can help the corresponding hand to the side that have turned their legs to push the knee to the ground and achieve greater stretch.

  • Lumbar: to perform this exercise we can do a standing roll up . In this way, we let ourselves fall in a rounded way to the ground making our hands touch it.

Then we go back up slowly, putting pressure on the lumbar area. The last thing that is incorporated is the head. Another alternative is to choose to

3. Top

Now it’s time to stretch the upper part of our body and for this we will do some muscle stretching exercises with our arms.

  • The first will consist in stretching the arm towards the opposite shoulder . The other hand will hold and press the arm. So we stretch the shoulder.

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  • In the following exercise, we will raise the arm, we will flex it behind the head and, with the other hand, we will push the elbow downwards. In this way, we will be stretching the triceps .

4. Neck

Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles

This part of our physiognomy is very important and can not be forgotten.

  • For this, without moving the shoulders, we will try to make the ear touch the shoulder . We can help with a hand, to push the head and get more tension.
  • The last exercise would be to bring the chin to the chest as much as possible. We can also put our hands behind the head and push gently.

Afterwards, we would bring our heads back.

The final relaxation

Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles

You can introduce variations in these stretches. This is a routine in which you can include a stretch that you like to do or replace one of the above.

There are so many ways to stretch the muscles that the variations are endless!

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Something that we would like to add is that, at the end of this small routine of muscle stretching exercises, we will breathe.

This we will only do after the exercise. If we stretch before the exercise is not necessary.

  • To do this, we will bend our knees a bit, inhale and raise our arms upwards as if we wanted to stretch.
  • We stop for a few seconds and let our body fall exhaling and bringing our hands to the ground. We repeat again 2 more times.

This exercise allows us to relax and finish this relaxation session successfully.

Have you ever practiced this type of stretching exercise routine? Which is yours?

Learn exercises to achieve an excellent stretch of your muscles