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Learn to be sad, learn to lose the battle

If someone tells you “learn to be sad” you will probably get angry or feel a rejection of these words that you may consider quite pretentious.

However, this happens because sadness is considered something negative , something that at all costs should be avoided when, in reality, it has a function in our life.

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We tend to avoid, ignore and escape all those negative emotions that can be addressed. We do not allow ourselves, at times, to cry, to be angry , to feel anger because all this is wrong!

However, today we tell you that you must learn to be sad, to lose each and every one of the battles that you have not been able to win.

Because, just like in any game, it is as important to know how to lose , as to be victorious .

Learn to be sad to avoid depression

Learn to be sad, learn to lose the battle

If you do not learn to be sad, to lose, sooner or later depression will make a hole in your life.

All this because in your day to day there will always be people who will hurt you , situations that will throw you to the ground and circumstances that will allow you to feel pain even in the deepest of your insides.

However, none of this is negative, because none of this has a possible way of being avoided. Adversities happen, but not to annoy us or because we have bad luck, but to make us much stronger.

Victimization, not being assertive and allowing any pain to turn into suffering will lead us, sooner or later, to find ourselves with the dreaded depression .

All this happens because we refuse to see reality as it is . We reject it as if this served as something.

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Remember that phrase that says “if what worries you so much has a solution, you no longer have to worry about; If you do not have it, why worry? ”

Well, the same goes for everything that happens in life. It has a solution? Could you have avoided it? No. Therefore, accept it , see the positive side and take it as an opportunity for maturity and growth.

Learn to lose all your battles one by one

Learn to be sad, learn to lose the battle

Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel, take time to cry, to spend a duel . This does not mean that you have resigned yourself. This is how you learn to be sad, not to dramatize reality excessively.

Crying helps eliminate all frustration for what we have not been able to control . To let the wounds fester and heal. Crying clears our mind and allows us to see things in a much clearer way.

After crying, you will know that it is useless to reject something inevitable and that it was not in your power to stop, so you have to surrender, but avoid resignation.

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Resignation always brings a dose of suffering , so it is not a recommended option. If we manage to cross it, we will find ourselves with full acceptance.

If you have trouble accepting what happens to you, open your mind and always have the following question very present: ” What am I gaining with what I am losing? ” This will help you.

The power of time

Learn to be sad, learn to lose the battle

Time is essential so that the previous steps allow you to overcome that “being sad” to “be well” again.

We tend to be very afraid of being a long period bad, sad … However, this will allow us to heal, take perspective on what happened.

Being sad is not negative, it is only a state that urges us to stop and, above all, to look inside ourselves.

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The smart thing is not to swim against the current, but in favor of the current . We have the false belief that doing the latter means giving up, but losing the battle may actually mean winning it.

Lose or win in this life, be sad or be happy, everything always has a positive result if you manage to accept situations, embrace them and take out all the good that you are given.

Also, if you think about it, you always learn more about all those situations in which you lose than you win.

Learn to be sad, learn to lose the battle