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Learn to choose the heels for each type of dress

Often, we have a piece of clothing or a type of footwear that looks splendid on its own. When combining them, the result is not always the most satisfactory. Therefore, we must learn to choose the heels for each type of dress.

And, without a doubt, each garment has its own type of footwear. For example, sportswear should be used, preferably with a sports shoe. Especially, if you are going to perform a physical activity. However, on the catwalks they are usually combined with heels to innovate and cause a certain impact on the public.

When we want to wear a dress, sometimes it can be a dilemma to choose the best heels or platforms. It should be noted that the heels can make a garment look much more favorable in us. They stylize us and make us look taller.

We must remember that there is a wide variety of dresses of different lengths and cuts, and not everyone feels the same type of shoe or sandal. Nor are all women advised to use the same type of heel.

Since there is a lot of variety of them and the way they have will benefit or harm the person who takes them according to their anatomical structure.

The key is to opt for the heels that make us feel more comfortable and, of course, highlight our physique. Of course, we must always respect social norms in relation to the type of event, place, climate and season of the year.

In other words, knowing well and knowing how to adapt to the occasion will guarantee success in our social gathering. This is what really determines the dress and, of course, the heels that will accompany all the clothing . Next we will comment you some tricks of interest.

Heels for each type of dress

Long dresses

Learn to choose the heels for each type of dress

In view of the fact that the legs are completely covered, it is advisable to show the Not only for coquetry but for “breaking” a bit the uniformity that gives the fabric, which gives a “column” appearance, as it is said in haute couture. On the other hand, it is advisable to use heels or platforms that allow you to walk calmly, without stepping on the edges of the dress.

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The most recommended heels are:

  • If you’re not in heels, you can opt for open sandals that have a certain height. That way you will avoid stepping on the dress.
  • If the dress is printed, the shoes should preferably be unicolor. Otherwise, you should choose a pair of heels, sandals or platforms that have some bright detail or some type of ornament.
  • To wear a high dress, it is considered that the heel should be as thin as possible . It gives elegance to the dress.
  • If you have very wide calf it is not advisable to wear heels or sandals that have straps or straps that tie to the ankle and leg.
  • The completely flat footwear should be avoided.

Short dresses

Learn to choose the heels for each type of dress

With this type of dress we have more variety and possibilities to combine. There are different designs of heels for short dresses . However, as with long dresses, we must take into account our height, the shape of the calf and, of course, the cut of the dress.

The most recommended heels are:

  • You can use high and thin heels. In general, the heels will lengthen the leg and give a harmonious touch to your figure and your outfit.
  • You can also play with the width of the heel. Remember that the wider the more casual and jovial heel your outfit will look.
  • The platforms are another good option to show off your short, loose and airy dresses.
  • Closed shoes, with thin heels, are recommended for more tight dresses. Stiletto heels are ideal.
  • Another type of heel that you can use with this type of dresses called the “Chinese heel”.
  • The “cone heel” also works very well with short dresses. It is a type of heel with an inverted cone shape and have greater inclination in the back.

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Asymmetrical dresses

These dresses that are short in front and long in the back look perfect with a good pair of sandals. They allow the shine and therefore, you can take advantage of different types of height (low, medium, high) in terms of footwear.

The most recommended heels are:

  • Sandals with Chinese heel.
  • Platforms of light materials.
  • Sandals with high and very thin heels.

Half-legged dresses

Learn to choose the heels for each type of dress

The great thing about these dresses is that they allow you to show your legs without revealing too much. Therefore, they have a mid-distance cut between the calf and the knee. They are one of the

The heels to wear are:

  • Stilettos. They are shoes with fine toe and high and thin heel. Stylize the figure.
  • Platforms, without a doubt an option that will make you look casual and comfortable.
  • You can use with low heel if it is an informal event.
  • The high boots with thin heels will make you look very sexy.

Learn to choose the heels for each type of dress