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Learn to control jealousy

Jealousy is part of human nature; it is an emotional response produced by a complex psychological process in which there is fear of losing something that is possessed.

In the relationships of couples can be considered as a double-edged sword. While it is one of the ways to show interest in the other, they can also be the source of many conflicts.

And is that once they are installed with force, the person increases their

For this reason, although they seem harmless, it is essential to learn to control them when they begin to be stronger and recurrent.

Do you feel too much jealousy and insecurity? Is the situation affecting your life as a couple? Learn to control this feeling following some simple recommendations.

Determine the origin of your jealousy

Learn to control jealousy

To understand what jealousy is due to, it is important to analyze where it comes from. Sometimes, they are the result of a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence .

They can also be based on previous experiences. If so, it is essential to turn the page and understand that .

On the other hand, the fact of having grown up in a family environment where parents were jealous in a reciprocal way may be influencing. Are there other reasons? It is essential to take some time to find the root of the problem.

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Increase your self-esteem

Having a good self-esteem is key to controlling jealousy more easily. When there is self-confidence and one’s own qualities are clear, comparisons diminish and fear that the other person will leave.

It is essential to work on this aspect, since the more confidence there is, the more control there is over these emotional responses. For this, it is advisable to do your own projects and try to be autonomous.

Let your partner have his space

Learn to control jealousy

In the is normal to want to share all the moments as a couple; However, it is necessary to learn to respect the proper spaces , since both can wear out.

Absorbing the other person and starting to limit it in some aspects is one of the worst actions. If each one does not manage to be without the other at certain moments, they will end up becoming bored and affecting the relationship.

Being always with someone does not guarantee your fidelity . This way, it is better that each one has his own space without the other reproaching him.

Talk to your partner

All the problems of the couple are solved through communication. If you both have enough confidence to say things without generating a confrontation, surely you can channel those .

Sometimes it is necessary to talk about the topic, although it is hard to accept the jealousy. Questioning the situation that triggers it may be the way to stop insecurity.

Dialogue fosters trust and allows the other person to be better known. Thus, little by little, it improves the ability to reason in a moment of jealousy.

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Avoid destructive thoughts

Learn to control jealousy

Dozens of people begin to have obsessive jealousy for situations that only occur in their head. Negative thoughts raise insecurity to 100% and make people believe that things that do not exist are happening.

Past situations or the fear of losing the person induce to imagine Therefore it is essential to control the physical and verbal hostility in those “threatening” moments.


Before exploding due to jealousy it is convenient to breathe and take a space alone. The anger that is produced by an annoying situation can cause a strong crisis in the couple.

This feeling prevents thinking clearly and makes see things that are not always what they seem. That’s why you have to think with a cool head, when the has passed.

In this way you can reflect on the situation that produced the jealousy, and detect if it is real or if it is the product of your own insecurity.

Are you going through a crisis due to jealousy? Determine why you can not control them and follow these recommendations to improve your life as a couple.

If these originate from repeated infidelities of the other person, consider if you really want to be by their side.

Learn to control jealousy