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Plants at home that bring us health

Those who pride themselves on caring for and enjoying nature should consider the idea of ​​keeping plants at home. Its beauty and aroma justify its incorporation into the decoration of any room. However, plants provide much more than aesthetics: they are living beings that promote calm, joy and health. No matter where they are, the plants purify the air, release oxygen and provide food . Even within the home, plants offer these and other advantages. With them "prosperity" is called, a sense of serenity is achieved and insects are repelled.

Benefits of reducing sugar consumption for health

The consumption of sugar is a very popular topic which is not usually given the importance it really deserves. Unfortunately, sweets, ice cream and soft drinks are the foods that form the basis of many people's daily diet. Likewise, almost all fast food contains a high level of refined many complications behind high blood sugar levels. The most recurrent argument is the following: the more sugar is consumed, the greater the chances of developing diabetes. Less sugar, more life Decreasing sugar consumption has mainly three health benefits. We

4 alternatives to relax in difficult times

No one is exempt from going through difficult times or unpleasant circumstances. However, we must remember that we can always overcome them . Although it is difficult for us to visualize the solution, it exists and it is possible to reach it. Life is characterized by its ups and downs. If the land did not have variants, everything would be extremely monotonous. This does not mean that we should celebrate the difficulties, but observe them as an opportunity for growth or improvement. All change brings with it multiple benefits.

The dark side of 8 natural products

Natural products tend to have more advantages than disadvantages. However, they are not exempt from having a dark side. While it is normal to make mistakes because we rely on excess, we must better inform about the properties of the products before using or consuming them. The dark side of 8 natural products 1. The ice The extremes are not good. And although it is believed that ice is good for skin care (mainly because it helps close pores) the truth is that specialists say that temperature extremes should

What is the effect of the Moon on humans?

The moon is the natural satellite of planet earth . It gives us an incredible view and thousands of stories have been created around it. And, without a doubt, the moon attracts, inspires and blows the imagination of all human beings. It is said that the moon affects the tide , but also that it has some influence on our behavior. In this way, our mood and our decisions change in the same way that the lunar phases change. It is also believed that the moon influences sleep , especially when

6 factors that may be affecting your memory

Losing memory is one of the greatest fears of any person . Maybe it is not something that we pay much attention to, because to most of us it seems something far away. But did you know that there are factors that may be affecting your memory? In this sense we talk about things apparently unimportant like going to a room and forgetting the reason, even more serious problems such as senile dementia. tu . The good news is that your . This time we will talk about some

Gansito dessert

Gansito dessert is a classic of Mexican pastry. It was created in 1957 by the firm Marinela, belonging to the Bimbo brand. The image of the product, gave name to the cake "Gansito ". If you want to make your own dessert and 100% natural, we give you the recipe. Gansito dessert recipe Ingredients: For the cake: 250 g of flour 6 eggs 1 tablespoon of yeast Vanilla a pinch of salt Butter for the

How to avoid nocturnal mosquito bites?

The nocturnal bites of mosquitoes are quite annoying. They cause itching, swelling and, sometimes, allergic reactions. The female is responsible for the attacks . It uses its sharp buccal apparatus (proboscis), to extract the blood of its victims and to favor the production of its eggs. Although the prick does not usually cause pain , the saliva released by the animal generates a red welt on the skin. Next, symptoms such as itching, blisters or rashes appear. However, the greatest risk is the spread of diseases such as dengue and malaria,

What is metabolism? Do you have a fast or slow metabolism?

Metabolism is a function of our body that is responsible for transforming nutrients into energy . Sometimes, due to different factors that influence our health, this can be faster or slower than normal. This imbalance can cause us more or less serious symptoms. Discover in this article what is the metabolism and what are the consequences when it does not work in the right way , as well as the most appropriate diet for your case. What is metabolism? Metabolism is a set of physical and chemical processes that

6 medicinal uses of Vaseline that you will like to know

Vaseline, also known as petrolatum or petroleum jelly, is a versatile product that can be used both in household tasks and in beauty and natural medicine. It is a colorless ointment, which is recommended as a natural moisturizer, since it traps moisture without producing unwanted effects on the skin. Contains antioxidant substances and vitamins and minerals that, after being applied externally, help to treat some and certain ailments. The best of all is that it is easily combined with other ingredients , allowing the development of economic and 100% natural remedies.