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How to dress if you have little waist?

Girls with low waist tend to have some doubts when setting up their wardrobe. Many times because of ignorance and other times because they force themselves to use pieces that just call them a lot of attention; either by the color, the texture or the frequency with which they are seen on the street. In fact, it is very common for girls to succumb to trends without just evaluating whether they really favor them or not. Often, the clothing that is sought is the one that best makes us feel with ourselves.

Foods that should not be combined

The consumption of food is the way to provide the body with all the nutrients necessary to live and, of course, maintain a full and healthy existence. To achieve this, you must maintain a balanced diet and as healthy as possible. When it comes to feeding, it is very important to choose the foods that we are going to combine , since not everyone has the property of being able to mix with each other. Many foods when combined in the right way can be very positive to improve some health problems, since each

6 tips that will help you to have a good night's sleep after a day of work

There is nothing more comforting than sleeping through the night and waking up rested. However, this does not happen in all people. However, we must have 7 hours of sleep per day, to recover all the energies worn out during the day. However, there are people who fail to obtain this benefit and begin to suffer from health disorders. These sleep disorders are caused by stress, anxiety, use of medication or other reasons . Today we will refer to the bad sleep after a hard workday and together we will look for

What electromagnetic fields are and how they affect us

Computers, mobiles, plugs, microwave, wifi, etc. All the devices that we use daily and that make our lives easier also generate electromagnetic fields around them that negatively affect our health, causing problems such as insomnia, anxiety, allergies, dry skin, etc. In this article we explain what these fields are, how they affect us and in what ways we can avoid them to continue enjoying their use without harming our health. What are electromagnetic fields? Currently there are electromagnetic fields everywhere, because even if we do not have electronic devices we get

Learning to fight migraine

If you suffer from migraine, you know what it is like to feel a throbbing headache so annoying that it prevents you from fulfilling your daily obligations , to the point of having to isolate yourself in your room, eliminating lights and noises that make your condition worse. Migraine is also known as migraine, since pain usually predominates on one side of the head. Specialists claim that there is an important hereditary component. A migraine attack can last approximately 4 to 72 hours. Certain people who suffer from it state that there

What foods should not be stored in the refrigerator?

Usually most people usually keep all their products in the fridge in the family basket, this is a serious mistake since not all products are made to withstand the cold and the conditions of a refrigerator , on the contrary sometimes the cold accelerates its decomposition or it can change its original flavor. It is true that many products require refrigeration and even this extends its useful life, but as consumers we also have to inform ourselves about those Below we will see a list of those foods that should not be stored in the refrigerator

How to imitate the kitchen of the grandmothers

No question, grandmothers cook better than anyone else. Surely you remember more than one dish that she prepared for you when you were little. But in turn, three generations before the current one, the kitchen was lived in a different way. To be able to return to those times, eat healthier, more homemade and spend more time at lunch and dinner, read the following article where you will learn how to imitate the kitchen of the grandmothers. Grandma's kitchen is the best: universal truth You do not know any person who

Why should you drink water with lemon every morning?

The lemon is a natural product that has multiple benefits for the human being. In addition to being a fruit that can be used in various ways, lemon contains elements that are very important for proper functioning of the body . Therefore, here are some interesting ideas for why you should drink water with lemon every morning. It is rich in vitamin C Lemon is one of the natural products that contains more vitamin C. As we know, this vitamin is very important for our body because it helps us to

4 economical ways to make a kitchen shelf

Have you recently moved and still do not have a kitchen shelf to place your implements? If so, do not worry. Next we will give you some great ideas so that you can make your own shelf with elements that are very easy to obtain and of low cost. We assure you that you will achieve a very original finish! A kitchen shelf is a piece of furniture composed of one or more tables arranged horizontally for the placement of various objects. It can be fixed on the wall, like a hanging

How to choose sunglasses according to the type of face?

The glasses are a fundamental accessory for the whole year. Not only do they add a lot of style to your appearance, they also protect your eyes from solar radiation. However, we must know how to choose them so that their effect is the desired one on our image. We show you how to choose sunglasses according to the type of face. How to identify our face type? Obviously, the first step in choosing sunglasses according to the type of face is, precisely, to know what the shape of our face