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4 steps that will force your body to burn extra fat

There are different ways to burn extra fat . One of them is the in which carbohydrates are stopped by forcing the body to enter a metabolic process called ketosis. In ketosis, the body is forced to burn fat in search of a source of energy , whether it is stored in the body or ingested. al corazón y el cerebro. When this happens the liver begins to produce the ketone bodies, which will be responsible for supplying to the heart and brain. 1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you

How to lose weight in a month with lemon, ginger and chia

Losing weight should not be a sacrificial, sad or frustrating goal . We should never stop enjoying food, go hungry or count every calorie. We must learn to eat in a balanced way and add, when we need it, some foods with diuretic and slimming properties that help us achieve our goal. In this article we share three natural ingredients that will help us to eliminate fat from our body , deflate and increase metabolism. With them we will spend more energy and lose weight more easily: lemon, ginger and chia

How to prepare delicious vegetable broths to lose weight

If we want to lose weight without sacrifices, without going hungry and in a balanced and healthy way we must incorporate good habits to our diet in a progressive way. So we can get our diet to be slimming in a natural way, thanks to the properties of some foods. In this article we share some tips to convert healthy vegetable broths into medicinal and slimming foods that help us burn calories, eliminate fat and reduce body volume. Broths to lose weight Homemade vegetable broths are excellent recipes to keep

Tips to eat less carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are present in many of our daily intakes and perhaps that is one of the reasons why we can not lose weight. Although they provide nutrients and give us energy to perform our daily activities, it is not advisable to abuse them . In this article we will give you some tips to eat less carbohydrates. Are carbohydrates bad for your health? This question is very common, especially in those people who want to lose weight. In recent times, low-carbohydrate diets have become popular, which, as the

Garcinia Cambogia, a natural aid to lose weight

Garcinia cambogia is an Asian fruit that is becoming more popular all over the world, thanks to the fact that it has become a very effective natural supplement to lose weight more easily. Discover in this article what is this curious fruit and what are all its properties to lose weight and for health in general. What is Garcinia Cambogia ? Garcinia cambogia is a fruit native to Asia that has antibiotic and astringent properties. It contains a citric acid, also present in lemons, oranges and grapefruits, which hides very powerful

The best squat exercises

They are one of the "infaltables" in any routine in the gym or at home. They allow you to tone your buttocks and legs, but sometimes that is of course while taking advantage of the benefits for your Squats exercises: which are the best? The squat exercises are excellent, but it is true that in some cases they can bore us a bit. Once you have mastered the basic technique, you can add supplements or other exercises to the routine. That of course while continuing to take advantage of the benefits

7 exercises to reduce the hips

If there is something difficult to mold and lower are the "lateral" legs and waist. Women know enough about it. In addition to a hypocaloric diet and meet certain healthy habits in this article we offer several exercises to reduce the hips. Tune your body with 15 minutes a day! Hip reduction exercises In women, the fats that we consume accumulate in the hip area due to a natural issue (if they are wider, they can have simpler births, for example). If we add to this the

How much more does it perspire more?

It is believed that the more water is impregnated in the clothes after finishing training, the greater the kilos that become thinner. However, this is not so. The calories that burn go beyond perspiration because if not, those who do not sweat would not lose even one gram. In this article we explain the answer to the question of how much more transpires is more thin? Sweat, kilos and exercise Let's analyze for a moment what happens in a gym or training room. When the class or routine ends

The best stretches for after exercise

Just as it is very important to warm up before physical activity, we must also stretch after exercise. Take those 5 minutes, even if you are very tired, to avoid injuries, contractures and muscle aches . Why do stretching after exercise? Surely you have heard many times the maximum that indicates "stretching after training". It is not a whim of the teacher or people who want to stay longer in the gym. No matter what exercise you do (a football game, a the muscles will have made some effort

How to prepare 5 remedies with garlic to lose weight

When adopting a plan to lose weight it is important to keep in mind that the results are not obtained overnight and, in addition, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet on a permanent basis. While there are many diets that promise miraculous results in a matter of days or weeks, many of these lack nutrients and lead to negative effects that put health at risk. Therefore, as a first step, it is essential to be clear that, although it takes a little longer, the feeding plan must be balanced , with all