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Are you a woman and over 40? Learn all about losing weight

As the years go by, it is harder to lose weight, no matter how much dieting or exercise is done. Are you a woman and over 40? Learn all about losing weight in the next article and say goodbye to kilos more than once and forever. Fighting against body fat is usually a difficult task at any age, however, it is even more difficult for women who have reached their forties. The body responds differently to diets and exercises, the calories burned decreases and also the energy to perform more committed activities or

The diet of colors

It is an interesting option for those who are looking to lose weight, but in turn, for those who want to improve their diet, based on a balance and the intake of those products that really make the body well. You can take a look at this diet of colors, which is raging in the United States. Eating with the eyes It may sound weird, but it is the truth of this diet. It is that, without doubts, when we see a dish before our eyes, all the senses are activated, but

7 foods to burn abdominal fat

The area of ​​the abdomen is undoubtedly the most critical part of our body in terms of fat accumulation, almost without us noticing is stored in an aesthetic way breaking the balance of our waist. The solution goes through some foods to burn abdominal fat that we can include in our nutrition! Recommendations for burning abdominal fat Some bad habits of life, some sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can cause us to accumulate fat in our abdomen in an uncontrolled way. As we already know miracles do not exist, and getting a

Effective diet to lose weight in a week

The diet that we will discuss next is a proposal created in 1988 by the staff of the Loma Linda hospital in California, United States. It is a type of food, for a total of 7 days, based on the consumption of vegetables, meat, fruits and proper hydration that allows the elimination of toxins. The idea of ​​creating this diet, better known as the "miraculous soup", was to help certain patients with heart disease to lose weight, in a healthy but fast way, before undergoing surgery. Over the years, the soup recipe became

The 3 best cereals to lose weight

Maybe at this point, you're already more than saturated with the so-called miracle diets. From our space we want to provide you with simple and healthy ideas to improve your quality of life, that is why to lose weight, we recommend you include these wonderful cereals in your diet. Are you going to miss them? Are cereals effective to lose weight? Lately it is becoming very famous to substitute, for example, a dinner for a cereal dish. Many brands try to convince us that it is an ideal way

Know these mental tricks that will help you lose weight

The mental tricks can be a good way to get better regulate our meals and quantities. Therefore, we recommend you to follow these mental tricks that will help you lose weight and follow more easily a healthy diet. 1. Use smaller plates and longer cups When you use very large plates, unconsciously you serve larger portions. Your brain is easily deceived by changes in perspective , something like an optical effect . By using this to your advantage, you can slightly reduce the amount of food you eat without the feeling

Plants that help you lose weight

It is very normal that we want to always have a stylized figure and we do everything they tell us to achieve it, there are some medicinal plants that are very effective to help lose weight, that if they should be combined with a good exercise routine and a good diet . Here we are going to tell you which are those plants that will help you to have that figure that you want so much to look on your vacations. Ginseng which is why it is very effective in helping

How to clean your liver to lose weight

Keeping a liver healthy and free of toxins is, without a doubt, an essential step to be able to lose weight little by little and in an effective way. But sometimes, feeding us incorrectly can pass a high bill on our health. We offer you, then, simple guidelines to cleanse this organ, take care of yourself and lose weight . Relationship between the liver and the inability to lose weight Surely it has happened to you more than once. We strive to follow a diet , we exercise, we

Defeat and eliminate extra kilos with the 3-day diet of apple cider vinegar

Christmas excesses take their toll every year. Our body is overloaded with toxins, we feel bloated and we usually earn a kilo of more than we later find it hard to get rid of. In this article we explain a very simple and healthy way to purify your body in three days. Without going hungry, without great sacrifices and benefiting from the multiple health properties that apple cider vinegar hides. Why apple cider vinegar? is an excellent medicinal food capable of purifying our body and at the same time

How to design a plan to lose weight without suffering

Many patients who wish to combat overweight and obesity are trying to find a "fat burning" plan to lose weight without suffering . However, several of the diets that are proposed to achieve rapid results involve making too many restrictions. The problem is that not everyone understands that to lose weight it is important to improve 100% the habits of life and be constant with them . While the popular "miracle" regimes seem a fast way to reach a healthy weight, in reality their effects are counterproductive. For this reason it is