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Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Do you have many pencils and do not know how to order them? Then you should find a good pencil holder as soon as possible. Therefore, we will show you how you can make your own models at home from different containers and materials that, surely, you did not imagine how much use they could have.

Surely you have seen that, in many shops, pencil holders are made from very simple objects and that, to obtain a wide margin of profit, they are sold quite expensive. To save you the expense, it is best that you put all your creativity and skills to get results equal or even better than you can see in stores. Cheer up, it’s much easier than it looks!

Do not worry, you will not need to spend a lot of time or resort to hard-to-find materials. On the contrary, you will realize that many of you already have them at home, only that they are no longer used. Then we tell you how to take advantage of what you have to get good pencil holders.

Crafts to make your own pencil holders

Say goodbye to the mess on your desk. Take the tools you need to organize and classify them (by type, size, color or as you prefer) and place them on the desk. Later we will take them and place them inside our own pencil holders.

The main features of the following crafts are the use of reusable home materials. To decorate them, we can choose colored paints, in their different presentations (spray, acrylic, etc.). On the other hand, we can also use decorative paper and even craft paper . Everything will depend on our taste.

1. Cardboard tubes

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

For a creative person, the mind never stops working, but if this has never occurred to you, it is simply because you did not pay much attention to it when you finished the kitchen paper or the toilet paper.

That’s right, the cardboard tubes that remain after consuming one of these two implements of the home will be useful when making some pretty pencil holders. You can paint them and decorate them as you prefer, let your imagination fly. You can even use wool or rope to give it a better style

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2. Shampoo bottles and beauty products

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Have you ever thought about giving shampoo containers another function? There are boats that bring abstract shapes with curves or beautiful designs that can be used. For this you can remove the lid and cut them a little to give them an original, useful and, above all, striking. It should be noted that these types of boats are very well painted with sprays of strong colors.

3. Soda cans

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

We all have used canned drinks at some point, but after the product is finished we throw the can in the trash. Have you thought that you can use it to make a pencil holder? Yes, soda cans can be used for this purpose.

Additionally, you can use plasticine or paints to decorate it. And do not forget that you should trim your end very carefully and add a little glue, cloth or any other material to the trimmed edge, to prevent the edge from cutting.

4. Plastic bottles

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Plastic bottles are often a nuisance in the house and, in most cases, not knowing how to reuse them, they end up in the trash. You can use them to make your pencil holders in a very creative and unique way. To do this, you must resort to the bottom of the bottles and decorate them to your liking.

5. Old newspapers

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

The newspapers or old newspapers that are in disuse at home can also be used to make a homemade pencil holder. For this we only need the newspaper, liquid glue and a pair of nimble hands. We can fold the newspaper with the shape we want: tubular, in flower, etc., and thus we will get a very original.

6. Rope

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

With the help of a cardboard tube (of toilet paper, for example) we can create a pencil holder lined with rope (it can also be wool, yarn, among other types of yarn), to which we can add the elements we want: eyes, noses, etc. This design is very nice, given its rustic and homemade air

7. Cans of milk powder, tomatoes and more

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

You can use those old cans of powdered milk or other canned food to store your pencils, markers or brushes. Add a little paint (or line with a good piece of cloth), let it dry and be ready to decorate your desk. These pencil holders will be wide and very striking.

8. Glass jars

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Sometimes glass jars are an excellent choice for making crafts . This time you can take advantage of them to make your own pencil holders. Paint the jars a little and draw shapes or adorable faces. They will turn out very beautiful and showy. In this way it will be impossible for us not to organize our implements with such beautiful containers at our disposal.

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9. Diskettes

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

A few years ago the storage devices were the floppy disks, but thanks to the technology advances exponentially they were replaced by smaller storage methods such as USB drives. If you have some diskettes at home, you can use them to make your own pencil holders. You will give a retro and fun touch to your desktop.

10. Pallet sticks

Make and decorate your own pencil holders

Pallet sticks are very easy to find and there are many uses that we can give them when making crafts . Go ahead and explore and work with creativity, your effort will be worth it.

Make and decorate your own pencil holders