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7 signs that you should take your baby to the doctor

From the moment you know that your baby will come to the world, your health becomes one of your priorities. Like all parents , you try to be aware of all the signs and, therefore, also try to keep yourself informed. However, sometimes there are signals that go unnoticed, and this is precisely the reason why you must know certain signals . These are the ones that can give you a much clearer clue about how your baby's health is. Remember that early detection, of any health problem, can save many unnecessary

5 primitive reflexes in babies

Throughout our development as a species there are some primitive reflexes that appear when we are still babies , although these disappear after a few months of life. Although we may not give them any special importance, the fact that these primitive reflexes do not manifest may indicate that there is a neurological disease. That is why it is so important to take them into account. Lee: Are breastfed babies smarter? What 5 primitive reflexes appear in babies? 1. Suction This is one of the primitive reflexes

Common foods the baby can take

It is a frequent question in parents, especially first-timers: what foods can the baby take? Breastfeeding: exclusive until 6 months The last years have been accompanied by campaigns directed by the World Health Organization ( The debate has been overcome: Six months of exclusive breastfeeding, provided that the mother is able to do so and under medical supervision. Similarly, it is recommended to maintain breast milk, at least, until one year of age. There are several reasons to delay weaning as much as possible. And this, although

4 toxic and dangerous foods for the development of the baby

The delicate stomach of babies does not admit any food . The maturation process needed by the digestive system means that most babies are not prepared to digest certain foods during the first months of life. When, in addition, the benefits of breast milk tend to be enough to cover the nutritional needs that babies depend on in their nutrition stage. From the moment the baby is born and grows up he wants to taste all kinds of food that our dishes contain, this will lead us to add a variety of foods,

Do you know what fruits a baby can eat?

Having a baby is wonderful, but your care can become a source of They can not communicate if something hurts them or have weapons to refuse anything. Taking into account this, it is normal that, sometimes, we are assailed by doubts about what fruits a baby can eat , without putting them in danger at any time. However, before that, we have to know when to start. The ideal is to do it after . The fruits we will have to prepare them in juice or in porridge

Earache in babies and children. What can we do?

The health of children is very delicate. In addition, due to its fragility, its ailments cause us a lot of restlessness. For this reason, many families are interested every day in alternative medicines to pharmacists. Knowing this, we will give you a series of tips and home remedies to prevent and treat ear pain. First, when this problem appears, it is best to take them to the doctor . It can be a symptom of a serious problem, so your pediatrician should be aware of everything that happens to him.

Soothe your baby's colic with these 4 home remedies

Who has had children knows: a colic is a frustrating experience . The baby cries for hours, even though everything seems to be in order. He has no fever, The stress is enormous, you even think that you are not a good mother or a good father. You think "I am the adult person here, should not I control the situation and protect it from all ills?" If you are reading this, surely you have lived this scene on more than one occasion. But you know what? The

Exercises in pregnancy reduce the risk of cesarean section

Did you know that exercises in pregnancy can give you a much better birth experience ? Yes, that is why both doctors and other health professionals often recommend pregnant women to perform an exercise routine. When a woman is pregnant, she always gets an idea, more or less, about what the time of delivery of her baby will be. In general, it is recommended to visualize a birth without complications and, of course, natural. When thinking about cesarean section, there are different positions. However, the most common is that it is

How to feed during pregnancy

Do we really have to eat for two? If so, what does this really mean? When we are It is not uncommon to sit down at a table and have someone shake us to eat. However, the important thing is not quantity but quality . In fact, the indiscriminate intake of food can cause a problem. We must bear in mind that the key lies in the nutritional value of the elements we take. However, the first thing we should do is eliminate or reduce the consumption of

How to protect your back and pelvis during pregnancy

You are pregnant? We know that this is a time of many emotions and joy, but everything good can be overshadowed by back pain and pelvic pain. en la medida en que tu bebé crece, tu se adapta para compensar el peso . During this stage you will notice that as your baby grows, your adapts to compensate for the weight . The arch of the lower back becomes more pronounced, which is necessary to protect your back and pelvis until birth. The muscles of the back, lower abdomen and pelvis will