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Medicinal plants that help improve memory

In nature we can find foods and plants of great help to improve many health problems, among which is the progressive loss of memory , a condition that can affect our quality of life in a very complicated way.

The medicinal plants used in alternative medicine are of great help in the treatments to recover the memory , but above all they strengthen the mind so that it recovers the faculty of remembering the experiences and the different situations that we have to face daily.

In this opportunity we will know together some medicinal plants that are used to help the brain to recover its capacity and to improve memory significantly.

The medicinal plants that should be used for this kind of treatment should be those that are rich in certain components that provide the body with the ability to retain acetylcholine longer , and those that contain abundant antioxidants to prevent free radical damage in brain cells; likewise, those plants that contain estrogen should be looked for, which allow the proper functioning of the memory.

Let’s know the best medicinal plants to improve memory:

The bean

Medicinal plants that help improve memory

This is a plant that has a lot of choline among its components. Choline is part of acetylcholine, the daily consumption of the infusions of this plant will help remarkably in the treatment to strengthen the brain and recover memory.

The fenugreek

Medicinal plants that help improve memory

This is another of the plants that provide a significant amount of choline, which is well known by the name of Alu Methi . This medicinal plant should be included in the daily diet to take it in the form of tea or infusion, it is advisable to take two cups per day.


Medicinal plants that help improve memory

This is a plant rich in antioxidants, which are very helpful for cells to maintain acetylcholine, This can be prepared as an infusion to drink two cups a day, once or twice a week.

The rosemary

Medicinal plants that help improve memory

Rosemary has abundant antioxidant properties, which are very important to protect acetylcholine from damage that can cause free radicals . To improve the memory we can use the infusions of rosemary, which is prepared in a fairly simple way. Boil a cup of water and add a spoonful of the rosemary flowers, cover and let it rest for ten minutes, then you can drink a well twice a day.

With rosemary oil you can do some massages especially on the neck and forehead, another way to use this important medicinal plant is using the mother tincture by adding a few drops to the daily bath.

The fennel

Medicinal plants that help improve memory

With the fennel oil we can do the massage in the same way as it is done with rosemary oil . The massages of this as those of rosemary can also be done in the neck and if possible in the head, in this way the person who receives it feels very well and quite relaxed.

The nettle

Medicinal plants that help improve memory

The consumption of nettle is very important to help the formation of estrogen that can increase mental performance. The frequent consumption of this herb can help to improve the symptoms produced by the loss of memory, this plant can be consumed every day without any problem in salads as any vegetable, in this way you will be protected for a long time against the loss of the memory.

Medicinal plants that help improve memory